Boy Meets World: A Realistic Journey

I stumbled upon this because Cleever did a video where they were talking about the best onscreen couples and Cory and Topanga came up.

I swear Boy Meets World has been stalking me on YouTube. I’ve watched Topanga’s and Cory’s first kiss so many times but I was never interested in watching the show as I figured I couldn’t relate.

But on Cleever she mentioned how it was a realistic portrayal of growth and puberty and I was like whaat they grow up on that show? I thought they just stayed kids.

I also stumbled upon the epic bromance  that is Cory and Shawn and I was like “This show may be more interesting than I thought”.

So I have watched three seasons and I’m going to watch the rest later I just wanted to write this first (and catch up with Teen Wolf) and it is awesome! It is such a good show and it isn’t cheesy for no reason. Like most kids shows on Disney can be really cheesy and everything is bright and cheery and funny. I get it you don’t want to bum kids out but it’s nice to see a realistic portrayal of what it’s like to grow up.

Cory and Shawn are flawed and they go through some very real issues and they handle it in a real way. I also like how they’re not the most academic kids, they live that back row life which I used to live at one point when I was in secondary school.

Watching the show I’m reminded of my own experiences. Like when you first discover the opposite sex and how that changes your dynamic with your friends. Instead of talking about TV shows and games to play you’re talking about boys and who likes who.

It reminded me of my back row life, of me and my friends and how we used to find ways to talk to each other even when the teacher was strict.

I feel like when I’m watching Boy Meets World I’m being entertained and I’m walking down memory lane. It’s also like I’m watching them grow, well I am watching them grow and that’s freaky in a way… but also cool.

Seeing how Cory and Shawn’s friendship develops and how Cory and Topanga’s relationship develops and then there’s the changing family dynamics. I don’t know how to explain myself but I love it and I love the journey.

I can’t wait for when they go to college and when they’re older, I mean has there ever been a show like it?

(there is 7th Heaven but I’m on a Boy Meets World trip so ssh!)

(Also Mouth from One Tree Hill is on Boy Meets World! That guy has been acting since forever!)

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