Best Bromances

Cory and Shawn

I’ve recently talked about Boy Meets World and how much I like it. One of the reasons I like it is because of Cory and Shawn. They have the best, most genuine friendship. You see how their friendship evolves from when they were in middle school to high school to college (although I haven’t gotten to the college years yet).

They weren’t afraid to talk about how they loved each other and that’s rare in male friendships, although these days it isn’t.

However one question, what happened to their other friend? They were like a trio in the beginning but he disappeared after season 2.

Moving on

Ryan and Seth

I feel like this is an underrated bromance. Perhaps because when The O.C. was on people didn’t really say bromance and shipping didn’t exist… at least I wasn’t aware of it. Nevertheless it still seems underrated.

And it’s a shame because not only is The O.C. an amazing show (to this day it’s still one of my favourites) but Ryan and Seth’s friendship is golden.

From day one their bond is cemented.

I mean Seth was lonely because of the posh snobs and as a geek I can totally relate, it’s hard making it out there in the teenage world when you’re quirky and sarcastic. Some people just don’t get that, but Ryan did. He accepted Seth for who he was and effortlessly offered his hand of friendship, something I feel Seth forever appreciated.

You don’t even need me to tell you just watch season 1 and especially the finale to know what I mean. He couldn’t live in O.C. without him. That just goes to show how important friendship is, sometimes more important than love (because he totally leaves Summer, something I never thought he’d be able to do).

Scott and Stiles

I love Teen Wolf and if you follow my blog you know this as I’ve already done an article on my love for Teen Wolf.

One of the things I love about Teen Wolf is the friendship between Stiles and Scott. Even through all the crap that they go through their friendship remains in tact.

I mean Scott gets turned into a werewolf, Stiles accepts it, in fact he’s the one who points it out. When Scott gets popular Stiles is right there alongside him. Stiles gets possessed by the Nogitsune Scott maintains his trust in him and he tries his hardest to save him.

Stiles isn’t a werewolf but he is in his pack. I think that’s beautiful.

It gets dark in season 5 and their friendship is tested but I believe they’ll pull through. Their bond is too strong for Theo to break …. Theo *dark look*

Danny and Steve

These guys from Hawaii Five O give me so much jokes. Their bickering relationship sometimes resembles that of a married couple or that of two best friends who get along most of the time and argue the rest of the time.

You never doubt that they love each other but sometimes you do wonder how they manage to stay friends with all that arguing.

It helps that it isn’t that serious and that they completely trust each other. They will always have each others backs and that complete faith and trust they have in each other is what makes them great friends and one of my favourite bromances. That and they’re the funniest, like seriously, they’re the reason I love Hawaii Five O. That and because it’s set in Hawaii of course.

G and Sam

These guys could not be more different and yet they are best friends. They trust each other completely and that’s why they’re able to work with each other so well.

Do you know rare that is? For any friendship? To have complete trust in someone else?

I don’t know if it’s because they’re government agents and they go through a lot together… I mean there’s a lot of life and death situations involved. I guess in the process you can’t help but trust each other.

Thor and Captain America

This last one is stepping out of the realm of television but I had to mention them. They were so great in Avengers 2. I feel like out of the team they understand each other the most because they’re both from an old world one way or another.

Cap America is a leader and he has to lead the Avengers and that can be … I don’t know tiring sometimes. Whereas in Thor he has a friend in him (aha) and I think Cap needs that. He needs a friend in the 21st century.

So yes I think they have a superhero bromance.

There are more bromances that I have missed like Cap America and the Winter Solider (so beautiful) and Woody and Buzz… there are many but hey I could always do a part two…


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