Best… Girlmance?

We don’t have a word for epic girl girl friendships so I’m just going to go ahead and call them girlmances until someone finds a better word.

Now I know we girls can be bitchy towards each other but come on we can have best friends, we are capable of having epic friendships!

So here are my top five:

Lydia and Allison

My love for Teen Wolf pops up again. These two are friends from the moment Allison steps foot in Beacon Hills. I always thought that was nice that Lydia accepted her to the fold straight away.

Their friendship wasn’t perfect but what friendship is?

Teen Wolf can be intense but Lydia and Allison are always there for each other like when Lydia was lost naked in the woods. Peter really did a number on her in season 2…

I feel like they’re drawn to each other as they’re both strong women. I read a comment on YouTube where they described Allison as an Alpha and she really is. She’s strong and never needs to be saved, in fact she does the most saving, even in death.

Whereas Lydia is smart, confident and self assured. She goes through a lot of crap but she always pulls through. I admire that strength of character and I feel that they complimented each other well.

Max and Caroline

Another example of opposite attracts. Before it was G and Sam and now it’s Max and Caroline.

They come from different walks of life and have different strengths and weaknesses. You wouldn’t think they’d get along but they do.

When you combine Caroline’s infectious optimism and Max’s pessimism they balance each other out. They both give and take equally and they love each other. Isn’t that just beautiful? Sometimes I think some people are just meant to be friends, like no matter what somehow they would have found each other.

Soul mate best friends!

Max and Caroline are televisions example of that.

Monica and Rachel

When Rachel first came on Friends I’m not going to lie I thought she was annoying and spoilt. It’s funny how she changed and how she became best friends with Monica. They had always been friends but they became best friends… that’s awesome.

They’re not afraid to tell each other harsh truths and let’s be honest you need friends like that. Friends who will sit you down and slap some sense into you. Metaphorically of course.

Friends is one of my favourite sitcoms and it’s one of the most popular ones so I like that they showed characters that weren’t perfect, that had flaws and yet still maintained their friendships. They accepted each other as they were.

Jessica and Patsy

Jessica Jones was a great series.

She completely had Patsy’s back. It was Jessica and Patsy against the world.

She looked out for her when her mother was abusing her, she looked out for her when that crazy police dude was after her (yeah I forgot his name cuz screw him!). Jessica was always there for Patsy and Patsy was always there for Jessica. As Jessica may have been physically strong but she wasn’t mentally strong and so she needed Patsy more than she perhaps realised.

Sisters before misters, I feel like Jessica and Patsy embody that saying.

Laverne and Shirley

The OG female duo!

I haven’t watched the show extensively but I have seen episodes. I was in Australia and it came on when I was home from Uni. Oh my goodness those two, they were so crazy but it made sense as the show was a comedy.

They were crazy best friends and it was so fun to watch. The stuff they got into and you sit there like OMD really?

I love them, they had a cool crazy friendship where you can fight all day and curse each other out but still remain the best of friends.

I love that.

Anyhow that’s my list šŸ˜€

Ps: From writing this list I have learned that it is very hard to think of girlmances on television but it’s super easy to think of bromances. But in real life there are tons of girlmances like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer, Jennifer Lawrence and her bff Laura, The Real talk show ladies, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, Me and my best friends… In real life there are so many girlmances but television doesn’t seem to portray that.

Well at least we have books.

However even they can be a total sausage fest.

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