Princess Diaries: Royal Wedding

I have finally read and finished it!!

I don’t why to took me so long because once I sat down and read it, it didn’t take much time at all.


Having read all the Princess Diaries books when I was in secondary school reading Royal Wedding was a bit of a culture shock.

From the end of Diaries 10 I thought Mia’s life would have improved and that she would be some kick ass journalist and a different kind of royal. I thought she’d be like Emma Watson but royal, you know… a kick ass feminist and activist.

But everything is not how I imagined it to be. I like how Meg Cabot always sets Princess Diaries in real time but then seeing what Mia has to go through, through her eyes… well it made my eye twitch alongside hers.

Is it really that awful being a royal? Are the paps really that annoying? I always suspected that they were but are there really no laws to protect celebrities? They are, at the end of the day, mere people and they need privacy. I’m starting to really hate gossip magazines and columns.

And Boris and Tina, that whole drama, I mean Boris is a pop star? That is just… I don’t know funny? I view him the same way Mia does and it’s just weird to think that the kid who tucked his sweaters in his trousers is a pop star! It’s so weird.

And Frank died! He died! WTH!! I was so heartbroken by this. I liked Frank, he was such a great addition to the family and brought normalcy which is hard with Grandmere but still. And then Helen and Mia’s dad get back together? Like what? Yeah that was the only story line I was not so much on board for.

I do wish I hadn’t spoilt the story lines for myself and that I did not know about Olivia. As I feel I would have really enjoyed the book more if I hadn’t. I enjoyed it anyway because Meg Cabot’s writing is always funny and always sucks me in.

It’s interesting though how things don’t turn out how you thought they would. Royal Wedding reminded me of that. But I do like how we got to peek into their adult lives. We the readers are adults ourselves and we have changed so it’s cool to see that Mia has changed and it’s cool to see how her relationships with her friends have developed.

She mentions how her friends are basically the same ones from high school and all I could think was same girl, same! I’m not a princess but I’ve know all my close friends for at least five years… it’s nice to know I’m not the only one out there. Even if the person I’m relating to is a fictional character.

Now all I have left to read is the new Mediator book. I feel like this too with blow my mind. Although it hasn’t been released in England yet *sad face*

Ps: They move to Genovia! I want to read Olivia’s books now because come on how cool is that?! They’re going to be set in Genovia, I’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to live there.

PPs: Why are step parents always mean in books? It went with the story and everything but OMD money corrupts everything (well sort of Mia and her family are still cool). It was like Olivia was a female Harry Potter and Mia and her father were Dumbledore and Hagrid coming to take her away from the madness.

Harry Potter, forever relevant.

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