Old School Review: It’s a Boy Girl Thing

There are some movies that I just love! Like it doesn’t matter what mood I’m in I can just sit and watch them and enjoy them.

It’s a boy girl thing is one of them.

So here is an old school review, old because it was released in 2006, which didn’t seem so long ago to me until I realised we’re in 2016… it was released ten years ago!

Anyway, moving on.

This movie is like the origin of the boy and girl living next door to each other and falling in love story arc (for me that is… I know it wasn’t the actual origin) but with a twist, a body swap twist.

I know guys always want to swap bodies with women for the obvious reasons but I’ve always wanted to swap bodies with a dude, to walk a mile in their shoes, literally. Because the world of men is a mystery to me and I think it’d be fun. We’d find out if a guy being mean to you really does mean he likes you or not.

It’s funny how it’s handled in the film, to her having to deal with his boner (or since she was in his body was it her boner?) to him being a girl. I have to ask, how is he so good at it? Like he puts her make up on perfectly and has no problems styling her hair… like dude? I know part of that is movie magic but it would have been great to watch him struggle with make up.

It’s not just the hilarity that I love about this movie but the actual story line. It’s simple and yet it works so well. Their characters actually develop and the end doesn’t have you sitting there thinking …what? It’s so good.

For one thing I loved finding out Woody’s hidden depths, not from what he says but rather from what he does and how he treats those around him. I mean the way he comforted Chanel and how Horse mentioned that Woody was all about that monogamous life and how he honestly liked being with Breanna and was a genuine guy. Also he loves rap music so you know I’m sold. He also gets into Yale, as Nell, proving that he is smarter than he thinks he is.

And then there’s Nell, the nerdy and slightly uptight Nell. I love her but I can admit that. But that’s what I like about her, she is who she is and she isn’t ashamed, she goes to the beat of her own drum no matter what anyone says and in high school that is honestly hard to do. But I like how Woody opens her up to humour and just relaxing and having fun.

It’s interesting as they both open each other up to their worlds and teach each other something in the process but they also learn something whilst they’re teaching (if that makes sense). In doing so they get closer together and it is the most satisfying hook up since Some Kind of Wonderful.

Wow having talked about it I want to watch it now… for the millionth time.

Ps: I watched it on Netflix recently and it must have been the uncensored version because OMD I had not seen half the crap in there! But it makes so much more sense uncensored! Like the end scene with her Mom, I never understood why she fainted but Nell saying WTF is pretty shocking, especially to a mother like hers.

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