Top Five Avatar Charaters: The male addition


I have been watching Legend of Korra recently, yes I finally took the plunge and watched it. It’s not bad and I’ll write a post when I’ve finished season 4.

But when I was watching it I was reminded of Last Airbender, as you do, and I thought to myself why don’t I write about Avatar in my blog!

So be prepared *to be read as Scar* for a series of posts dedicated to Avatar: the last airbender.

This first one is on the men or boys, as they were, of the series and my top five.

Number Five:


I grew to like his face hair

Okay so he may be on this list because I found him hot… I mean very well drawn. But I loved his character (and it pained me to see how he turned out in the movie, there was nothing wrong with the actor but I don’t know who he was supposed to be because he wasn’t Haru… let us not speak of that movie). He was smart, full of fire, even though he was an earth bender. I love how he’s the first one to stand up to their fire nation captures. He and Katara bought the spirit back into the earth benders, although it was mainly Katara. But indeed in those short few episodes he appeared in I was like yes! This guy!

It was cute how he bonded with Katara, I mean I always shipped her with Aang but still Haru was a good second. And he had a good head on his shoulders which can’t be said for a lot of the characters.

Number Four:

Uncle Iroh


The wise Uncle Iroh, how I love him. Now here is a father who truly loved his son. I mean apart from Sokka’s dad we don’t really have a good example of this, especially in the fire nation. I mean look at Ozai! And they were both raised by Sozin so I’m surprised Iroh turned out so well.

Well it was rocky in the beginning, he was formidable and he did help conquer the world but then his son died and he stopped. If Iroh had stayed with Ozai they would have ruled the world completely by the time Aang had resurfaced.

And Iroh’s change, it’s like he hit enlightenment and never looked back. He was such a great father to Zuko, loving him as a father should, teaching him and helping him find his way.

By the end of the series I loved him as much as Zuko did.

Can we also take note of how bad ass he was? What is it with Last Airbender and turning out incredibly strong old people? The way he broke out of prison, like a one person army. That was awesome! I loved how he used peoples perceptions of him as an advantage to his break out… they thought he was old and weak but what is age to a man like Iroh?

He is possibly the best character in the series overall but he is number four in this list because well this is my opinion and whilst I love him his journey wasn’t the centre of ATLA (Avatar: the last airbender).

Number Three:



You may be surprised to see the main character at number three… I am too. Well until I decided to write this post I never thought of him as number three. I love Aang and I relate to him so much.

He’s an airbender, the only one, and he is just so skilled and he’s only 12! I don’t know what those monks taught him but they were badass teachers. Which makes me mad because the fire nation destroyed them (although they had to wait for a comet as they knew they couldn’t defeat them without extra power… wimps).

Why would he being an airbender cause me to relate to him? I feel like I would be an airbender if I was in that universe.

I also relate because of how peaceful and zen he is. I like the kind of avatar he is. I mean sure he could mess you up but he decides to take the peaceful route wherever he can. Killing is ALWAYS his late resort and I love that. Sometimes I think fans are too blood thirsty so it made me happy that Aang never gave up his principles even with all the pressure he faced from all those around him.

Also he is hilarious, he never loses his sense of humour and his love of life. In the world where he lives that must have been hard but he managed and that’s hopeful.

Number Two:


Sokka had me crying through out the entire series. He was so funny and witty and sarcastic… all the things I love in a character!

It made my heart sad when he was so boring in the movie but we shan’t speak of that.

He had no bending abilities but he was an instrumental part of the team, even before he learn how to sword fight. He was smart and was the rational one who kept Aang and Katara grounded. He had an analytical mind that was very useful and I honestly think that without him they may have gotten themselves into trouble along the way.

He also develops as a character as the series progresses becoming more open and less close minded.

He’s a smart, funny guy and then he learns how to sword fight and he becomes more awesome. It’s like they created this character for me to love him.

Number One:



This guy.

I love him.

He is such a great character, not one dimensional at all like most “villains” tend to be. Zuko goes from being the guy we all hate, to the guy we sympathise with to the guy we’re rooting for.

He goes through so much as a young man and it all comes from his father, the person who is supposed to love him the most. Ozai was such a douche, I mean look at how he messed up Zuko and Azula. I mean when you discover his back story I really disliked Ozai like what the hell dude?! He goes from being the most loving beautiful boy to an angry teenager who is bent on winning the approval of someone he’s not sure loves him.

When Zuko finally learns that he can follow his own destiny… tears man, there were tears!

His abilities don’t just lie in his bending but he is an excellent fighter. I really don’t understand how they (Azula and his father) claim he’s weak… have they seen him in a sword fight? A fist fight? But then again Iroh was his Uncle and teacher.

And then when he’s an old man and has a dragon companion… I don’t know, Zuko’s journey was amazing.

Also he is hot… I mean well drawn *awkward side glance*

Ps: I got these images from pinterest

4 thoughts on “Top Five Avatar Charaters: The male addition

  1. Great list. I almost forgot about Haru! How could I XD Oh that movie version… it is a good thing the TV series was so good, the movie’s reputation couldn’t destroy it.


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