Why are black people always the first to die?

I really don’t understand this.

In horror movies we’re the first ones to go, to the point where jokes can be made about it. But why is that the case?

I mean in real life that is certainly not the case.

In my life as a black woman I have never once come across a black person who has said “Yes I would go into that haunted house” or “Yes I would go into a forest alone when I knew there was a killer about” or “Yes I would mess around with black magic” or “Yes I would split up from my friends when we’re being chased by a crazed killer” or “Yes I would leave my house on the night of the purge”.

I don’t know what it is but the black people I know are the most self preserving people I know, and this is including me. I’m not saying we do this at the expense of others because we will try and preserve your life by telling you to move your ass and leave this possessed house because it obviously belongs to the ghost now.

But if you refuse to leave we will not stay and keep you company. I know I would be like “Well I warned you, bye!”

No sir am I staying in such a place.

My friend even told me this joke where, for example, you’re being chased by a killer and one of your friends falls back and everyone notices and is like “Hey where’s Bob?” and how if a black person was there they’d run past like “Bob’s dead!”

But it’s true in horror movies if anyone trips, they’re dead.

So let me ask again why are we the first to die when we wouldn’t be in that situation anyway? Even if we were in that situation we would leave it, as soon as possible.

I don’t have the answer so I’m posing the question.

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