Teen Wolf Season Five Finale Review


I’ll start with what I didn’t like so that I can end on a good note.

So I was a little disappointed. I wanted more from the season finale. But not in the way you’re thinking. I wanted more episodes before the season finale I should say. Like perhaps two. It felt as if it was rushed, like all of a sudden we were at the season finale. I wanted to see Sebastian cause hell for a little bit, have people worry, see the reactions of their school mates now that they all know about the supernatural. I feel like they left too much for the one episode. We didn’t even get a chance to miss Mason.

So yeah, at least one episode before the season finale would have been good and would have reduced the amount of story lines in the episode. It felt like a lot of things were happening at the same time.

Onto the strengths of the finale… we finally find out the truth about the Dread doctors!!! I think… can you believe it?! It was Marcel!! He’s been alive all this time! Like why? Just to bring back his buddy Sebastian? They should have killed him too when they killed the beast or at least imprisoned him and kept an eye on him. I mean he hid the bodies! He wasn’t innocent he was a willing accomplice, why didn’t anyone question his motives?

I guess they weren’t just crazy scientists doing it for the lolz.

Also what was Sebastian’s plan once he came back? Just to hang and kill? He lacked purpose.

Now for the biggest strength or high point of the finale. Scott has once again proved what a great freaking planner he is! He planned everything! Do you know how happy I was? To watch Theo destroy his own pack by himself and then to find out that Deucalion was never on their side… I could have cried I was so proud of Scott. I was also happy Deucalion hadn’t gone back to his evil roots, man is too awesome for that.

Also great planning with Gerard. Use him for his knowledge and then toss him aside. I did not expect that from my man Chris but I really should have. He ain’t no fool.

And the planning with Malia and her mom! Oh that was awesome. Don’t get me wrong that story line bored me and I wanted someone to just shoot the desert wolf already because it was getting ridiculous. I mean we get it she stole your power boo hoo cry me a river. But then Malia took her power from her so that she really was powerless … it made me happy. Also Stiles shows you how to take a shard of glass to the chest like a boss (unlike some characters I could mention off a certain TV show *cough* Iris *cough*).

And yes they got Mason back. I didn’t know Lydia could do that. I feel like it would have had a bigger impact if we had been missing him for longer and if Sebastian had done more damage. But I guess this town has no fear as they’ve faced so many monsters. They were weirdly confident facing off against the beast. Especially Hayden’s sister, what was she thinking? Just let the guy go and track his movements! Challenging him wasn’t brave it was stupid and it endangered people’s lives unnecessarily.

Side note where were the other police men?

My highlight though was when Kira came back and was like the skin walkers have a message for you, and then his sister pops out the ground and drags Theo to… where? I don’t know and I don’t care, he’s gone! The Theo is gone! He is a villain I literally felt nothing for. Man I love the skin walkers (for a moment there I thought one of the skin walkers was his sister but no) they’re just so boss. But this means Kira is going to be gone for a while 😥

All in all, it was good. Scott is a boss with a brain, I love how he planned so much and how it worked perfectly and how we never saw it coming, it was beautiful. I also love how Allison saved them, how she helped them in the end. I guess it wasn’t a coincidence that Marie Jean looked like Allison. Oh the joy.

Onto next season! I shall eagerly await it.

Ps: Cory was useless, I get that he’s Mason’s love interest but dude you just show up at the end and that’s it? You don’t even help? Really? REALLY? If I was Mason I would be annoyed like you did nothing.

PPs: It would have been nice to see Parrish go super saiyan or land a sucker punch on the beast that sent it flying. Aren’t they supposed to be equal in power? Where was my epic battle?

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