The most beautiful moment in life

I just got blessed listening to a talk section in 방탄소년단’s (Bangtan/BTS) concert.

Two of their recent albums have been titled The most beautiful moment in life, they were split into part one and part two and they are one of my favourite albums. The songs are so beautiful and what I love about BTS is that their songs have meaning. Hip hop and rap back in the day was about giving a voice to people who didn’t have a voice, it was an honest medium were you could be heard in a time where it was hard to be heard as a black person. I feel like most have forgotten hip hop and raps origins and just use it to talk about girls, cars and money and not the real issues that are affecting us. However BTS (B.A.P too because of Bang Yongguk 방 용극) have taken up the mantle as far as kpop is concerned and talk about real issues that affect our generation.

So before they had their school series which spoke to me as I was going through Uni at the time and kind of encouraged me to pursue my dream. And then there was their dark and wild album that was about growing up, hormones and hip hop (at least that’s what I took away).

But with Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa (the most beautiful moment in life) it’s different. It’s like they have upgraded (which the goal of any artist). I thought I understood what they meant. I thought they meant youth was the most beautiful moment in life.

I guess I was partially right but Rap Mon broke it down for us in their concert and he just left me inspired.

This moment we’re in, youth, the early 20s and late teens, it is such a busy period, a transition if you will. We are transitioning into adults and members of society but it’s so hard! And I can attest to that I’m not having the easiest time (see my quarter life crisis post). But then he was like if we see and acknowledge that we are going through this beautiful moment and savour the hard work we go through to achieve our dreams our whole lives will be beautiful. Your successes will be that much sweeter as you remember the beautiful moment of youth where you worked hard to establish yourself.

I needed to hear that. I need to savour all that I’m doing now. I mean I actually have a blog, I didn’t think I would ever have one. I’ve always wanted one but have always put it off. And I wrote a book and I got my first pay check from it today. Sure it was a very low amount but it’s the first pay check! Someone out their brought my book and I am so grateful (I hope you liked it).

So yeah thanks Rap Mon 🙂

And thank you God for helping me achieve all that I have achieved. I shall carry on hustling!

And I encourage you to hustle and to work hard and to enjoy this period of life we are in. All that you build now will pay off later and you’ll look back at your journey fondly. That is what I hope anyway.

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