Old School Review: Legends of the Fall

I’m back with my old school review. This time I shall be talking about Legends of the Fall (1995).

It was directed by Edward Zwick and stars Brad Pitt, Antony Hopkins, Aidan Quinn, Julia Ormond, Henry Thomas, Gordon Tootoosis, Paul Desmond, Karina Lombard and Tantoo Cardinal.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because it is an epic movie! I am not just saying it, seriously it is an epic.

I used to think that Titanic was the saddest film I had ever seen but then I watched Legends of the Fall and bawled my eyes out.


I mean when Samuel (Henry Thomas) dies *dramatic pause* I couldn’t. I sat there in my living room bawling like “What is this film?!” “Who are these monsters?! Why is this happening?!” But I never got to finish it that time as I had to go somewhere and I didn’t catch the name of the film but I remembered it. Oh I remembered.

(It’s like another film I watched where an old black woman looks after this girl who her family neglects and teaches her how to cook and she gets her own apron, the apron was very significant, if anyone knows it please tell me!)

But then I found it again and I watched it all the way through. It takes you through so many emotions! Anger, sadness, happiness, guilt… anger and sadness again. I mean Tristan (Pitt) doesn’t half go through it and I felt sorry for Alfred (Quinn) the older brother. Tristan and Samuel got so much love and I feel like they sometimes forgot about Alfred. And then there was Susannah who I surprisingly didn’t like as much. Her character got annoying, Alfred truly loved her. And of course my white grandfather Anthony Hopkins who played Ludlow, I love that guy.

It’s one of those films where the supporting cast shines as brightly as the main characters, that’s why I listed them all, they’re all important. And I love them all. I almost had a heart attack at the end confrontation…

If I could compare it to another movie it would be Australia (2008) in it’s epic scale and ability to make you bawl… it is a great movie.

I can’t believe it was made in the 90’s but I should have known, Brad Pitt’s long flowing blond hair was a dead giveaway.

I haven’t actually talked about what happens in the film, apart from Samuel’s death, because I want you to watch it and experience all the emotions for yourself because you experience them all and it is glorious!

By the way, knowing Samuel’s death is coming doesn’t make it easier. You still cry.

That’s it for this old school review.

It ends in the best way as well, the movie, it actually made me laugh a little. Only Tristan. But then it’s also lonely. He leads an epic life but he’s destined to be alone and yet he’s the most sensitive emotionally. But is he ever truly alone? I feel like he’d be the kind of person who is completely in touch with nature, which kind of fits with the end scene.

Anyway until next time,



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