Can I talk about Wonder Woman… can I?


So I’ve just seen the Batman vs Superman movie (aka bm v sm because I’m lazy). I won’t go into the movie itself as I’m doing a review for that on The Global Panorama and I may do one for my blog here.

This post is purely about Wonder Woman and the epicness of her.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but my icon for my blog is Wonder Woman and there is a reason for that. Ever since watching Justice League and Justice League Unlimited as a teenager I have loved Wonder Woman. She is strong, a badass, she doesn’t take crap from no one…. she was the kind of woman I wanted to look up. To the max. She is a warrior and to see a female character like that *sigh* it was a dream. So I love Wonder Woman and I strive to be a Wonder Woman in my life.

On to the movie. I had my doubts about Gal Gadot. She didn’t scream Warrior Princess to me. I kept thinking, but she’s an Amazon Warrior… how is this going to work? I’m skinny and I know I’m strong but dang I’d be a tiny Amazon. But then I remembered her in Fast and Furious and I was like “At least she’ll deliver in the badass-ery”

Basically I just wanted her to look like she could take a truck to the face. Random but that’s how tough I think Wonder Woman is.

But then I saw her in the Wonder Woman outfit and I was like hmm, this may work… I have hope.

And now I’ve watched the movie and all my doubts are gone! They flew away! She is awesome! I mean I love her. She is regal, kind, smart and when she appears in the fight scene at the end with Doomsday.

I almost cried.

The theme music for her got me so pumped up, like I knew ish was about to go down and it did! She was in every essence a warrior. Gal Gadot was simply channeling all that Amazon fierceness with ease and I LOVED it.

Never has a character made me so happy than when Rebecca Romiji’s Mysticque kicked ass. I also so glad because she showed the movie going world how badass Wonder Woman is. I am so excited. After watching bm v sm I can’t wait for her solo movie. Like why isn’t it ready now? *sigh* so many months have to pass for me to see Wonder Woman in action, kicking ass.

I can’t wait. I’m sorry I doubted you Gal and I am glad you proved me wrong.

It’s also awesome how they are doing the original Wonder Woman, you know the Amazon and not the American? And I think they may do a JLU and have some Batman x Wonder Woman chemistry. If that happens dreams will be coming true.

Mostly my dreams.

I love how Gal Gadot is all about showing strong female characters so that the young ones have someone to look up to who isn’t a damsel in distress but saves herself and others.

I’m so happy. She stole the movie for me.

I’m out… Floating on a cloud of happiness

Ps: she showed no fear when going for Doomsday… one word Boss

PPs: I need that Wonder Woman theme in my life

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