Aquaman: The Original Boss


Aquaman *happy sigh* or as I like to call him Aqua.

He is the most underrated character in DC. I am exaggerating but that is how I feel. So many people hate on him and I just have never understood that. I mean I grew up with Smallville and I was led to believe that Aquaman was a badass who could mess you up on and off land but mostly off land. I love Clark but it was so great seeing another character come and be like “Err actually you’re the best at this, I am!” (kinda like Impulse) and then proceed to prove it. He was so cool! To this day when I see the actor (Alan Ritchson) in anything I’m like “Aqua! My main man from Atlantis!” (even if the show he appears in is New Girl and he’s a douche).

So I am so happy that Aquaman is getting the hype he deserves. I loved his cameo, it was so nicely done. It was like “Oh hello yes I’m Aquaman, I know you want to see more but hey where would the fun be in that?”

And Jason Momoa is playing him! I’ve loved that actor since Conan the barbarian. He is such a warrior! I feel he is going to deliver all the strength, pride and power of Aquaman.

And I’m glad he’s going to be in the Justice League. I was so mad when he wasn’t one of founding crew in JLU… like the cheek. Aquaman is a boss why are you leaving him out?

Also side note why do people say he’s lame when he is essentially DC’s Poseidon? Man controls 70% of the Earth’s surface and he controls the sea creatures. Yeah he’s so lame. Is it the outfit? Y’all are materialistic.

I could go on with my Aqua rant but I won’t because he killed it in his cameo and he is going to kill it in the movie, in his solo movie (finally) and in everything! Because Aqua is boss!

I wonder if they’re going to do Atlantis because in his cameo he was like in a ship… sorry I just had a flashback to the movie and momentarily spaced out. He was too epic I almost wished I could rewind the screening.

Other than Aqua Flash and Cyborg killed it. I’m excited because they’re doing Cyborg! I hadn’t been reading spoilers so I had no idea they were doing that. It was such a nice surprise. Cyborg is a great character, he was great in Smallville and in Teen Titans (not Teen Titans Go, much like Avatar: The Last Airbender movie, it doesn’t exist).

The flash is different. I’m not going to say anything because I want to see where they’ll go with him and how they’ll use the speed force. I’m intrigued.

Anyway bye. Time for me to daydream some more about Aqua’s solo movie.

Ps: Smallville spam! (don’t know if I’m allowed to use Jason Momoa pics)

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