Batman v Superman: Batman edition

So much happens in the movie that I decided to split my review into two. One will be Superman focused and the other Batman focused.

This one of course is Batman focused.


I had my doubts about Ben Affleck being the new batman. I’m not going to pretend and say I was a big fan of the dark knight series because I only watched Batman Begins. To be honest I was more of a fan of the old Batman movies, like Batman and Robin. So I wasn’t really thinking “He won’t be as good as Christian Bale” but more “Will he deliver a good performance and make Batman his own?” I was worried about that. Because I feel like Batman is one of those hit or miss characters that people either get right or so very wrong.

Luckily Ben Affleck was a hit. He was so good. I didn’t think about anyone else but him when he was playing Batman. He really made the character his own and I feel like we got to know him really well through out the movie. I feel like he’s an old school Batman, especially when he was Bruce Wayne. As Wayne he was a bit of a flirt, moody, suave and commanding. We got to see his business side, his playboy side and of course his moody side.

Speaking of his moody side he was emotional in this film. It makes sense given how the film started and the general tone of the movie. That darkness would have gotten old after a while, for me anyway, but it was balanced out nicely by Alfred. Ah Alfred, he is just the best. He’s so sarcastic and witty, I love the little comments he’d make here and there. So having him there balanced Batman out.

Alfred leads me onto another point. I feel like because Batman was so ruled by his emotions he wasn’t logical in most scenes. He was still his smart detective self but the decisions he made with the knowledge he acquired… hmmm it wasn’t logical. I found myself muttering “just listen to Alfred dammit!” but then if he had been logical we wouldn’t have had the showdown between Superman and Batman.

I am glad however that they didn’t fight for no reason at all. Because before with the trailers it looked like it was just a clash of male egos but then watching the movie  and finding out it was Lex pulling the strings it made more sense. And it made me like the movie and Superman and Batman more. I can’t stand ego battles so there being real reasons was better.

Speaking of Superman, their dynamic was interesting. If you’ve watched JLU you see how they’re friends and balance each other out. I like that about them. So seeing them fighting all the time was interesting, it was like seeing the beginning of their friendship. Yeah I said friendship. Because in this movie they literally get everything they hate about each other off their chests. And when Superman dies it proves forever to Batman and the world that he is all about saving people and not about world power or being a dictator.

It was so sweet how he saved Clark’s mom as soon as he found out what was going on. That proved how Batman isn’t all about his ego. He could have gotten all in his feelings like “Oops, well, it wasn’t my fault I thought you were bad!” but instead he’s like “Oh damn is your mother called Martha too? And Lex has her and will kill her? The bastard, don’t worry bro I’ll save her, it’ll be a breeze.”

And how cool was that scene? When he saved Martha. He killed that ish. He was such a smart fighter that my fangirl heart was happy. He was also fair but brutal, I love that about him. That scene was probably my favourite fight scene minus the end one.

Talking about the end with Doomsday and Lex… that was epic. I’m glad he made the green kryptonite spear because without it… well. So his paranoia came to good use. And now he’s going to go and assemble the Justice League. Yeah! I’m excited! I wonder what the dynamic is going to be with the Justice League and also Darkseid… how are they going to do him?

It’s going to be some intense ish but I look forward to it.



Ps: Batman’s car had be questioning physics.

PPs: I can’t wait for HISHE to make their video >.<

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