Batman v Superman: Superman edition

Welcome to the Superman edition review. The movie is so packed I decided to split my blog review into two parts.


Ah Superman. You had a hard time in this movie didn’t you? He was set up and then everyone thought he was a bad guy. You know what? They were ungrateful! (Cries my fangirl heart). But even so if I was in their world I would do a Lois Lane and investigate the crime before pointing fingers. For one, those dudes were shot, since when does Superman carry a gun? Did anyone see him carrying a gun? No. The one guy who got beaten up by him was beaten with his good old fashioned fists ’cause Superman don’t need no guns.

Second I would have done another Lois Lane and checked to see where the bullets came from. They were some fancy bullets and if they had done that well *wipes hands* they would have known Superman for the innocent man that he was. But no they did none of that. Thankfully Lois tried.

They should listen to her more, clearly she’s the one who thinks. She may have her damsel moments but she’s a dang good journalist. They should listen to Clark’s mother too.

And that guy in the wheelchair (I forgot his name) did they even check their witnesses? It was great to give him a platform but how can he hide a bomb and they not know? That was sinister though. When I watched the movie the first time I missed the beginning so I didn’t get the Granny’s peach tea moment but the second time I was like oh snap! Lex is a douche! And he sacrificed Mercy! How rude. Although she didn’t get much of a role in this movie, like poor Jimmy *sad sigh*

Also the female witness at the beginning was dodge, I would have checked her out too. I didn’t understand how what she was saying had anything to do with Superman. I get it you think he killed everyone but it sounds to me like your government or the people who are attacking you are to blame and not Superman. And again they were shot, did you see Superman with a gun ma’am? No I didn’t think so.

So it was serious in tone. For once I ain’t mad about it. Yeah I would really love there to be a movie of Superman where he is Superman. You know where he’s the goofy boy scout. But I feel like there was no room for that in this movie. We got a little bit of it in the beginning when he was with Lois so I’m happy. And his interactions with Perry brought some humour for me.

I liked how they grounded him in the reality of this world. He has a lot to work through and I’d rather he works this out now than later. Every Superman goes through some moody moment so let it be now for this Superman. Also having them go through it now leaves room for them to move on from it later. They don’t have to keep questioning Superman now because he died to save them.

Ah the Jesus comparisons in this movie were heavy. I’m a christian and whenever they asked the questions I found myself answering them, especially with Lex. OMD I feel like he just has a problem with God and Superman is the closest being to God that he has met so he’s channeling all his rage onto him. I feel like Lex wasn’t really Lex. He was manipulative, sure, and he was smart, sure, but he was so crazy! How did they not know he was bad? Nah, I’m sorry I would have known from there. Why didn’t Bruce question why he was invited to the party? The only one who had his number was the senator so naturally Lex killed her off.

In his smartness he was sinister but generally he didn’t scare me as a villain. He bored me. The only thing scary about him was that he created Doomsday, like a dumbass. I’m sorry they ruined Lex for me. I liked him when he was coldly manipulative where he only thought about himself. This Lex was all over the place, it was like his mind was coming apart with his hatred of Superman and in turn God.

Although I don’t know why they think he’s a God. He’s just an alien. I mean he can be killed as Zod showed. So if they were so worried they should have just researched how to kill a kryptonian.

The battle between Doomsday and Superman was EPIC. It wasn’t just Superman but man it was sooo cool. And Doomsday actually looked like Doomsday towards the end with the bones protruding. I liked that. I also liked how they did the Death of Superman arc. I never saw that coming and so it was a nice surprise. He won’t stay dead of course but still it was awesome!

(I was kind of expecting Aquaman to pop up out of the water and be like “Your woman dropped this” and hand him the spear. Which kind of caused me to giggle as she almost drowned because I couldn’t stop thinking about Aqua randomly popping up)

They accepted his death too easily. I mean they watched him take a nuclear bomb head on and come back. Why did they accept that a stab wound would kill him? Just juice him up on the sun. But I guess they haven’t figured out the sun connection.

I also loved Superman’s theme song. And when he was pulling that ship across the ice like “Don’t mind me, just moving this along”. The casualness of his strength is hilarious sometimes. Like when Batman hits him with the car.

So when do you think he’s going to come back? Half way through Justice League? How do you think they’ll revive him?

I think they’ll find him all weak having crawled out of his grave and be like WTH and then they’ll try and figure out how to power him up and then someone will be like “What about the sun, remember when he got nuked?” and then bam! He’ll be back.

I hope the vision Batman had doesn’t come true. I can’t deal with a dark Superman. OMD what if it’s going to be like JLU where they had that alternate future where the Flash dies and turns everyone dark and Lex finds out about that alternate reality and tries to make it the reality on their world but fails because Flash.

Ooh let’s see who’s right.

Anyways adios

Ps: Longest post ever?

PPs: I can’t wait for HISHE!

PPs: I forgot to talk about something but oh well this post is long enough anyway

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