Chandler and Monica: Goals

I recently re watched Friends from season 5 to season 10. Why did I start from season 5? Well it just happened like that and I love Chandler and Monica’s relationship.

It’s amazing how they go from being friends to lovers to husband and wife. And it’s so natural. It’s not forced, it’s easy and cute and just the best.

I’m not saying I want to fall in love with my best friend because I don’t. I’m just not about that life right now. I mean it would be nice to find someone and be friends first and then get married but I’m not there yet.

However that is what I love about Monica and Chandler. They made that transition effortlessly and they really grew with each other, especially Chandler. I love how his first serious relationship is with Monica and how much he loves her.

That’s the reason I wrote this post, the love between them is goals. They grow to trust each other and you are never in doubt over whether one loves the other.

They’re never afraid to say I love you, or show how much they love each other.

Chandler is also 100% committed to his wife. When someone tries to tempt him into an affair he’s like “No, I love my wife and I am happily married”. And he truly means it!

I don’t know about you but that was very heart warming to me and they are literally goals. If I ever do get married that is what I would like, to be genuinely in love with my husband and he with me. For him to love spending time with me and to be happily married.

Apart from Jeff and Audrey on Rules of Engagement you don’t get to see that side of marriage on television and it’s a shame.

I know there are difficulties but it’s nice to see a couple working through them rather than just giving up. It gives me hope.

Anyway that is all

Tchau :*

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