Pet Peeves: Action movies

Okay, I love action movies, they are the bomb. They entertain me and they are honestly my favourite genre of film. Nothing gets me hyped like an action movie. Watching them is like going on a journey.

But there are things that I hate about the genre, pet peeves if you will (hence the title).

For one:

I like romance but it has a place. When buildings are falling or when explosions are going off and you need to save the world is that really a good time to have a romantic moment? I mean really, you’re going to kiss now?

Why do they always wait till the last moment to confess their feelings? I get you think you’re going to die but dude keep it short! Don’t stand there and make out for minutes on end, we have a mission and you’re dragging us behind schedule!

Let’s just say if I was in an action and a guy confessed to me I’d be like “great I’m loving this but can we speed this up or at least put a pause on this? I have an impossible mission to do right now.”

For two:

What is with the helpless child in random places?

I was watching Batman v Superman and this kid is just standing there about to get crushed. Girl what are you doing there? Don’t you have school? And yeah your mom works there, so what, you don’t. Was it bring your kid to work day? Further more why are you outside and your mom is inside?

It’s just so bait. They put them there to make you feel oh so sad and to sympathise with Bruce and the situation but come on! Make it a little bit believable.

She didn’t even try to run away!

For three:

The unnecessary explosions.

I love explosions but OMD sometimes it’s over the top and the story suffers. Like G.I. Joe: Retaliation, I loved that movie but only for the ninjas because at least then we actually got to see a fight happen. Whereas with the other characters it was just a gun show. That gets boring after a while.

I would like some story please.

Learn from the A Team they had a perfect balance or the remake of Total Recall. Now those are good action movies. OMD and Mad Max, I loved that movie.

For four:

The damsel in distress. Need I say anymore?

Women are badass and it’s time it was reflected in movies. I’m so sick of watching some woman sit there waiting to be saved so some male hero looks good. That’s why I love Wonder Woman, Mad Max and other such movies and characters. They actually have strong female characters.

They rule and it’s realistic.

I feel like we’re moving past the helpless female but barely.

For five:

We need more people of colour in action movies and not just in stereotypical roles.

I’m a black woman and if I got cast into an action movie playing a role that wasn’t stereotypical… *sigh* it would be a dream come true.

I don’t just want this for me I want this for all people of colour: Latinos, Asians, black people, Inuit people, Native Americans… all of us!

To be honest not just in action movies but in all kinds of movies.

It’s the 21st century, it’s about time.



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