Meat Industry: it’s too much

Do you ever feel like we eat too much meat?

I’m not a vegetarian but even I have to admit, it’s too much.

I went back to Africa (Rwanda) last summer and I thought it was going to be beef galore but it wasn’t. Staying with my family and friends I realised they only kill what they need. There is no excessive meat killing. If you need a chicken then you kill it. You don’t kill a chicken just for the sake of food.

It got me thinking about the West and the meat industry here. It’s almost as if cows are bought up just to killed on mass so that fast food chains will have something to sell. And having worked in catering I know that half of it gets wasted anyway.

So what is the point?

I like my steak and I like fish but I do not like this industry.

Vegetarians and vegans have a point, the industry is too much and they act like you can’t survive a day without meat. Er yes you can and it’s better for you to take days off anyway.

Everything in moderation.

Another thing the meat you eat you don’t kill yourself. You don’t know what went into that cow, you don’t know for sure if it is a cow (Tesco horse meat incident springs to mind).

This is another area where Rwanda excels, you see the animal and you see that it’s healthy and then you buy it and they kill it for you.

It reminds me of South Korea where they have markets and you see the crab, you pick your crab and then they cook it for you or give it to you.

That way you know exactly what you’re eating and exactly how it died.

If you can’t handle the fact that something had to die for you to eat it and this is all grossing you out then perhaps you should be a vegetarian or man up because that is the reality of meat.


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