Old School Review: Elizabethtown

spoilers contained within

I always struggle with picking my favourite movie of all time but then recently I realised it had been sitting right under my nose: Elizabethtown! Well Elizabethtown and the Lion King.

Elizabethtown is a pretty chill movie. It’s one of those movies that I can watch again and again without getting bored. It also manages to relax me. It’s a Gift classic.

I remember watching the trailer and the director talked about how he wanted to show Orlando Bloom in a new light, how he wanted to show his acting skill away from the action genre.

I’m so glad he did, he, Cameron Crowe, showed Orlando Bloom in a new light and there was not one moment where I was like “Oh no that was awkward” it all blended smoothly together; the story, the action and the chemistry between the characters.

Kirsten Dunst was amazing in it as well. Her character was sweet, normally the overly optimistic characters get on my nerves but she didn’t. She was optimistic, she was realistic and she was good friend. She was like one of those people who is always there for everyone else but never has anyone there for her, apart from Drew (Orlando Bloom’s character).

It’s a rom com but with a twist. I mean it starts with him failing at his job and thus deciding to commit suicide. I didn’t catch that when I was young but when I re-watched it I was like “Oh snap! Is he trying to kill himself?” But then he gets interrupted and finds out that his father has died.

(The story also focuses on the male character, how often do you have that in a rom com?)

You then go on this journey with him to his fathers home state of Kentucky, more specifically to his home town Elizabethtown. You see how much of life he missed out on whilst he was stuck at work working on his ‘great’ idea. You see how Claire (Kirsten) shows him there is more to life than work and that failure isn’t the end but the beginning.

You know that saying, one door closes and another one opens? Drew really needed to understand that saying and to believe it. He seemed to think that with his failure he had nothing left to give when he had so much more left to give and then some.

Besides his boss was a dick, way to make someone feel terrible. You thought it was a great idea too Phil don’t deny it!

What is it about money that makes bosses utter douches? If I ever become a boss, I vow to fair and kind but not a push over.

Anyway, it was a beautiful journey with unique funny moments that were very real and that I could relate to.

It also takes you on the journey of grief, and how people deal with it differently. I don’t think I can watch the movie when I’m overly emotional. It would just make me cry. Although it would be better to let it all out with Drew… (I think I grieve like Drew, it takes a while to hit me).

The music as well. I pay as much attention to the music side of the movie as I do the visual side and Elizabethtown excels. Some of my favourite songs come from that movie and they fit each scene perfectly, they heighten the experience and yet they don’t get in the way of the story. The soundtrack is especially good when he takes the road trip.

I wish someone would make me a road trip soundtrack like Claire did for Drew. (I would also love to go to the worlds second largest farmers market).

Overall I love this movie, I highly recommend it and it is one of the few movies I never get tired of.

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