Minzy: my homegirl leaving

2ne1, the most badass girl group in kpop and I guess they still will be because they haven’t disbanded but what is 2ne1 without Minzy?

She’s left the group and I did not see it coming. Don’t hate me but she was the last person who I thought would leave 2ne1. I thought they would disband or that they would fade away because CL is in America etc etc but nope I was totally wrong.

But like everyone has been saying can we really blame her?

I follow Minzy on instagram, as many do, and I’ve seen her dance, I’ve read her posts where she talks about the music she’s written and yet I never saw YG showcase that talent. (Sure he did a little in the beginning but afterwards it’s like he forgot about her). I felt like she was so underrated. Minzy and Dara both but at least Dara has her hosting and her MC status on South Korean shows.

What did Minzy have apart from 2ne1?

Her talent was wasted and you know what I am glad she has left. I’m sad 2ne1 is now three but I’m happy that now Minzy will get a chance to show the world her amazing voice and her amazing dance skills.

She is a boss and I have no doubt that she will succeed in whatever it is she is going to do next. I’m mean she’s only 22, 23 in South Korea, so she has plenty of years to make her mark.

So whilst I am sad because 2ne1 will never be the same I am happy because MINZY!!!! We will finally get a Minzy solo!! Like dang YG in all those years you couldn’t give her one?

Ps: It’s always the 94 liners lol. I’m a 94 liner and whenever one leaves a group I’m like nooo come back! But at least she hasn’t left the industry yet. So I still get to see her slay XD

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