Passed by the grace of God


I am on a gap year at this moment in time.

University wore me out and this may be my only chance in life to take a gap year and so I shall and I have. I mean it’s almost coming to an end but hey it was a good and interesting run. I’m sure I’ll write about it when it’s over.

I set myself goals over the year for things I wanted to achieve and one of the them was getting my driving license.

So last year in November I passed my theory and my driving instructor was like book your practical now! So I did because guys I have been learning how to drive since I was 17! And then I went to uni and my driving lessons got broken up and I would only have them when I was back in town.

It’s been long and I was wondering if I would ever pass. I mean this is my first test but I just wondered when I would be good enough to take my test and pass.

So when my time came, boy was I nervous! I prayed and I studied and I prayed again. I prayed for serenity and for my brain to be alert.

How did my actual test go? Well I thank God for my instructor. She taught me well and she was a strict teacher so she wouldn’t lie to me about my faults. But she wouldn’t just point them out, she’d iron them out and help me work on them. She also took me on mock tests and test routes. And so I was so familiar with the area that by the time of the test I was like oh I know where this is!

I am just so thankful!

It wasn’t perfect, I did make mistakes (seven faults) and I honestly thought I had failed, although a part of me hoped I hadn’t. And then when he causally turned around like you passed… the joy…. the joy!

I’m afraid I was #smugface for at least 30 minutes afterwards.

Prayer works y’all! I don’t know what I would have done without God. When I was getting nervous or starting to panic God would be like “Girl concentrate and take your time and obey the rules and remember what you’ve learnt, you can do this!”

Thank you God. And thank you driving instructor (she wouldn’t like me to put her name on the web) and thank you Mom and Dad, they believed in me and paid for the lessons.

This is sounding like an award acceptance speech.

But you know what this means right? I’m this much closer to a ROOOOAD TRIIIIP!!!


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