Smallville: Season 1 the Whitney chronicles

Along with my Avatar: the Last Airbender series of blog posts I have decided to start another series, a Smallville series.

I am going to be watching the show from Season 1 to Season 10 and I shall write a blog post on each season (yay 10 blog posts dedicated to Smallville!).

I grew up watching the show and I was already a Superman fan before I started watching it. I mean I had The New Adventures of Superman and the original movies so it was like the icing on top of a huge delicious cake.

It has shaped how I view Clark Kent and a lot of the villians like Brainiac, Lex Luthor, Doomsday and Zod, to name a few, oh and the phantom zone!

So I was watching Batman v Superman and it reminded me of Smallville and I got a little nostalgic and I realised I haven’t watched it since it ended. A re-watching was long overdue so I decided to go ahead and do that. And since I have a blog why not share with you my thoughts?

It’s different watching it now than then as before I didn’t have a blog and YouTube wasn’t there or it wasn’t what it is now and so I couldn’t share with anyone my love of Smallville. Now I can.

So Season 1 eh?

It is so funny watching it and seeing them struggle with things like “Huh, I wonder why I get weak around Lana, what a pretty green rock she wears”. It’s cute how they have her wearing his weakness.

Also the Easter Eggs that they drop are plenty. The superman jokes, the coming from another planet far far away, even other DC spoilers. There is also the biggest one, Lex Luthor and his inevitable evil. Wasn’t that episode with the old lady and the vision chilling?

Michael Rosenbaum is my favourite Lex Luthor. He is such a complex character and really his father is a dick. But how much of his character is down to his father? I mean he becomes friends with Clark and Clark is a great friend, sure he’s half there most of the time but still. You’d think after being in Smallville he’d leave his evil ways behind. But I think he’s so used to getting everything that he wants that when Clark comes along and doesn’t tell him anything… well, it irks him.

Lex also seems to have abandonment issues. But despite all that, he isn’t a fool. Somehow I enjoy watching his character. I mean the way people think they have him cornered and then BAM! he’s like “Surprise I had this plan all along sucker!” It’s amazing. His incredible planning almost rivals Scott’s off Teen Wolf, except Lex uses his powers to get people to do what he wants and to save his skin than to save others.

So Lex is ruthless from the beginning. But I don’t think he was completely evil. Clark can still get to him and convince him to take the right path. If my memory serves well he can’t do that later on. What went wrong? We shall find out as I watch the seasons.

Speaking of which we have Lana. Her relationship with Clark also evolves drastically as the seasons go on. Right now we’re at the “I know you like me and I like you but I’m waiting for you to make a move” stage. It’s super annoying and kind of cute. I mean we’ve all been there scared to tell someone you like them, scared to make that leap. Guys he hasn’t made that leap in season 1. They do kiss (and it was a steamy kiss) but she was all hopped up on green kryponite mist so it doesn’t count (and she doesn’t remember). She’s also with Whitney the entire season so… you know, I’ll come back to this later.

Then there are my favourites Chloe and Pete, Clark’s best friends. It’s a little bitter sweet seeing Pete. I’ll keep my mouth shut as to why. But he’s so cute, although Clark does ditch him for Lex which I wasn’t happy about. I’m glad they actually address that fact in the series. Smallville is self aware which makes watching it enjoyable. At least for me.

And Chloe! When she fancied Clark!! Who wouldn’t? I mean I forgot how hot Tom Welling was in those first seasons. I guess he’s always hot but mayn! I think it’s his smile. It’s all fun and games till he flashes you that smile and you’re like “Oh sugar, what’s my name? Where am I?” Clark may be a farm boy but if he wanted he could rule the school. So you can see how Chloe would fall for him. I like how they establish her character as the smart wise cracking journalist. I wish she was in more DC publications, even in the movies as she’s the best non comic book character to come out of that show. I like how she’s smart and witty and confident, she doesn’t take crap from anybody and it’s inspiring.

She’s a true investigative journalist.

What about Clark?

I love how his parents coach him on his powers. Like when he first gets the x-ray vision he’s like what do I do! And his Mom goes into coach mode and is like “It’s a muscle, learn how to control it” and am like dang I forgot that they did this. This is stage one of them coaching Clark. There shall be more stages as he doesn’t have his super hearing, his heat vision or super breath. He also hasn’t been exposed to all versions of meteor rocks and the villains so far have been meteor “freaks”.

It’s funny how he doesn’t have all his powers yet. I keep saying “Use your hearing!” but then I remember he doesn’t have that yet. It’s also funny how at first he dodges bullets. And then when he finally gets hit by one they’re “Oh so you are bullet proof”. You know they thought he was but were too scared to check as asking their son to stand still whilst they shot him would be barbaric.

And he is still their baby boy.

Watching this also made me realise that Man of Steel didn’t get it totally wrong. Clark is a boy scout but he has always had a little bit of a cocky side, especially when it comes to his abilities. Essentially he is humble but there are moments where you catch him feeling himself, especially when people try to hurt him he’s like “Really? You? Hurt me? Okay sure” . He has also always felt the burden of his powers. In Smallville he just wants to be normal and that episode where he loses them and gains them back again Lana describes it as he lost the weight of the world off his shoulder but then gained it back again. She doesn’t know that she’s describing his abilities but it’s interesting that they chose to describe them that way. Clark has had a lot of responsibility since landing on earth so you can understand when he gets frustrated and broody. But he doesn’t stay that way long and he does love saving people (you do see that in the movies as well).

I love how his first thought is how to save someone.

Another thing I liked about this season was how the women weren’t always damsels. Everyone always ends up needing to be saved by Clark but Chloe and Martha put up a big fight before they go down. They’re like “Not today! I ain’t dying today!”. Especially Martha, I’m pretty sure she won her fight, the only problem is she got trapped in her trap too.

Now back to Whitney, I called this the chronicles of Whitney because this is the only season he’s in and he dominates in the story lines for most of the season. He’s the one who ties Clark up in the pilot. He’s with Lana so naturally he’s Clark’s rival. Despite all this by the end you don’t end up hating him. His character goes on a journey. First he’s just this hot headed jock, then he learns from his mistakes and he’s not so bad, then his father gets ill and then he gets dropped from the scholarship and falls with some bad guys, then his father dies and then he decides to join the military and leaves Smallville.

He’s like any teenager trying to find his way in this world and really you can’t hate on that because again we’ve all been through that. If you say no then you’re lying to yourself (or you haven’t hit puberty yet).

I enjoyed his character. It’s sad to see him go but I’m glad it was on good terms. I wonder if he pops back again… I can’t remember. We shall see *wiggles eyebrows*.

As I close this blog post I shall talk about all the guest stars. As I was watching I noticed so many so I decided to do a tally of all the ones I recognised.

Amy Adams- Yeah! The actress who plays Lois Lane in Man of Steel and BM v SM is in Smallville! Her character wasn’t all bad it was those dang rocks *shakes fist at sky* and the bullies 😦

Eric Christian Olsen- Deeks from NCIS: LA!! He was straight up evil in this episode. It was interesting to see him play a bad guy, he did well. I was scared and I’m glad Martha fought back. You go girl!! I mean woman!

Lizzy Caplan- I know her from Mean Girls (Janis) and New Girl, she’s been in other stuff but I don’t watch everything. I felt bad for her character somehow as she wasn’t completely bad but she ended up in a bad situation and she made the wrong choices 😦

Ryan Kelley- He plays Parrish on Teen Wolf so seeing him in Smallville was trippy because he was a kid. Yeah he was so little! It was like aw and he was one of the few characters with powers who you were like “No don’t go!” to. Even when he was a kid he did that eyebrow raising thing. I really liked that episode (Stray). Although it also got me mad. Why can’t guardians treat their children right? Is it so hard?

Shawn Ashmore- Now I know him from the Fox X Men films and he plays Bobby. His twin brother (Aaron Ashmore) also appears in the series later and plays Jimmy. It’s freaky that they were both on the show, I didn’t know that or I didn’t clock it. In this season he (Shawn) appears in Leech and he’s the one who gets Clark’s powers for a while. He was great in the episode and I felt sorry for him. His father was awful. There appears to be a pattern here, is Jonathan the only good father?

Last but not least Adam Brody- I know him from a lot of stuff as well but mostly from my other childhood favourite show The O.C. In this he’s a little crazy because of an accident that happened to him and gave him abilities (aren’t they all?) and he has a thing for Chloe. I was happy she got to have some action in the Season, it’s a shame it was with Mr. Crazy Pants.

That’s it for Season One, I am moving onto Season Two (literally I’m watching it right now so if there are typos you know why) so look forward to that.

Ps: This is now my longest post lol

PPs: Remy Zero  who sing the theme song Save Me also showed up in the finale kind of like how Gavin DeGraw shows up in One Tree Hill.

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