Old School Review: Cheaper by the Dozen

So I’m home alone and I was feeling giddy. I like my alone time. In my alone time I was surfing YouTube and I was having a Tom Welling moment and I wanted to watch Cheaper by the Dozen but there were no clips on YouTube (I guess that’s a good thing) so I was forced to watch the whole movie.

I never noticed it was set in the Midwest before.

This movie is partly responsible for me wanting to have a huge family. I just loved watching this movie as an only child and wanting it again today brought it all back. The noise, the siblings, always having someone who’s got your back and just the fun that they came up with. I loved all that and I still do it seems.

I remember I freaked my mom out by saying I wanted to have 12 kids because it looked amazing in the film. Watching it again I again want to have 12 kids. I’m not sure I’d pop them all out as I’ve always wanted to adopt but yeah I want a lot of kids.

But this is kind of an impossible dream in this economy.

I mean I do have my cousins but it’s not the same, they don’t live with me and I don’t share that sibling bond with anyone. There are people in my life who come very close but you always wonder if they feel the same way you do or if they just see you as another cousin.

So whilst this movie makes me feel warm and fuzzy, it also makes me feel a little lonely.

There is also one flaw to having so many kids. And no it’s not the utter chaos you have to deal with on a daily basis. It’s that one will always fall through the cracks. It’s easier when you have even numbers they can pair off but even so look what happened in Cheaper by the Dozen, Mark fell through the cracks and they are an even number!

I would be scared that even with all those kids one would still be lonely. Knowing what that feels like probably makes me more sensitive to the issue.

Moving on, this film tackles the subject of moving on and sacrificing your dreams for family. I know they had to sacrifice a lot because they had 12 kids but I think this is a common problem for parents. There are going to sacrifices you’re going to have to make for your kids but how you deal with them and make your peace with letting go makes all the difference.

Tom does well in this movie as when he sees that he can’t cope he decides: “That’s it, I’m quitting this job and finding something more suitable because family is more important”. That’s admirable. Most people wouldn’t know when to give up something they love for the sake of family.

They also move house in search of bigger dreams. I totally feel Charlie (Tom Welling) as I would hate moving especially at his age. I have moved from Rwanda to England and I hated it! Hated it! I’m fine now but oh boy was I bitter for a while. It’s hard leaving people behind. At least they stay in the same area so they can go back and visit easily but then they have trouble in school because they’re a little bit country.

*rolls eyes*

Really? Come on, grow up. They were probably jealous because Tom Welling is mighty fine.

Oh and did you notice who his bully was? Sam from Supernatural or Dean from Gilmore Girls! I don’t know his name… hold on Google… Jared Padalecki! Yeah. And Jake from Hannah Montana is one of the bullies who picks on Mark. They both play mean characters well. I never thought I would see an actor taller than Tom Welling but I did, and that actor is Jared Padalecki.

Overall it’s a great, I learn a lot from it and I also end up wanting a tribe of children afterwards. Although it’s funny that I’m thinking this today as I had a hard day teaching kids at church today. Perhaps this was God’s way of reminding me why I love kids and that I can do it.

It’s no joke teaching 4 year olds.

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