Smallville Season 2: The one that made me cry

I’m back with my Smallville series and I have just finished season 2.

I swear this season made me cry a lot and for no good reason. Did you see the Ryan episode? I cried like a baby! I mean can Ryan catch a break? No he cannot. Ryan was played by a young Ryan Kelley (oh hey I didn’t realise they were both called Ryan), yeah that’s right Parrish came back but unfortunately he was being exploited again, my poor baby. I think he was the first person Clark lost and I felt that pain along with him. It was an emotional episode but it was good, it taught Clark that he can’t always save everyone.

This season was also the season that we lost Whitney. Another episode that made me feel depressed. I liked Whitney, he was a good character and it was sad that he died whilst fighting for his country and that he didn’t get to see Lana again. I was hoping that the episode would turn around and that they would be like surprise! He made it! He saved his friends life and made it back to Smallville. But I guess I was dreaming too big. I’m kind of disappointed with how they handled his death. Janis came back (that is Lizzy Caplan) and impersonated him so that she could be with Lana. She tainted Whitney’s memory. I don’t know why they brought her back, I get it she’s an interesting character but impersonating Whitney? That was cold.

Season 2 was also a season of discovery.

We finally find out where Clark is from! Okay I know us fans know but the characters don’t. And who better to tell him than Superman himself! That is Christopher Reeve. To me and my mom he will always be the original superman and the fact that they had him on their show… wow! So awesome! I’m so happy he was the one to tell Clark that he’s from Krypton.

Pete also discovers that Clark is an alien. He’s the first person Clark tells and I’m happy that he did. Poor guy was alone in his struggles but with his best friend by his side it seems like his pain has lessened. Pete is a good friend as well. At first he freaks out (who wouldn’t) but then he’s the best side kick ever. Although he’s not really a side kick and he doesn’t always go along with Clark. It’s good though, he balances Clark out.

Another thing about this season was the whole love triangle thing. I hated that. Chloe when she is pinning for Clark is not a fun Chloe. And Lana blaming him for everything got old. But to talk about the rest of the characters I shall move onto the…

Character Assassinations!

(I mean that in an in-depth analysis way)

Let’s get the one who annoyed me out of the way Chloe:

I love Chloe but omd her loving Clark brings out the worst in her. She tries to close the door on Clark even though she still likes him by trying to delete their spring formal pictures. Yeah girl, nice try. Sure you’re over him, that’s why you’re bitter Betty over there. And then she starts a fight with Clark over a late article and I’m like girl? Really? Really?

And then she makes a deal with the evil one (Lionel).

I am so disappointed in her. I thought Clark meant more to her than that. I know she’s hurt but I didn’t think she’d stoop that low. I’m not liking the kind of journalist she’s turning into. She’s willing to push everyone aside to get ahead? Hmmm

(Although I do like the investigative team Clark and her make)


She also annoyed me but because she was turning into Lex. She wouldn’t let go about finding out Clark’s secret and I was like girl? Why can’t you wait until he trusts you enough to tell you? Instead of building that trust you question him and make him feel guilty in the hopes that he’ll spill. I can’t stand that. He’s keeping it a secret for a reason why can’t they understand that and wait instead of pushing him and investigating him? Pete never pushed, he was just there for him and trusted him and oh look Clark told him, coincidence? I think not.

Lana does go through a lot this season however. First of all she films a video message for Whitney and then he goes M.I.A. and then Lizzy’s character happens (although some of that was funny like when she was pretending to be Chloe) and then her childhood friend who died comes back (cloned) and that’s a roller coaster. And there’s also that episode where some dickhead dingbat tries to rape her.

That made me SO mad! That episode really highlighted the struggle of being a woman. Chloe had an excellent line where she tells Clark he’ll never know what it feels like to be scared at night as a six foot something man. They also addressed the fact that she’s always needing to be saved.

I’m glad they gave her fighting power (and from Lex no less, perhaps they were foreshadowing) and had her save Clark. Everyone needs a little girl power and I’m glad Lana got some.

(Chloe’s always had the power, girl doesn’t go down without a fight).

Oh and I like how they became friends outside of Clark, Chloe and Lana that is. It’s nice having the female characters bond rather than fight all the time.


So Lex is a dick. He’s still investigating Clark whilst claiming that he loves the Kent’s and that they’re important to him. Whatever, do you even know what friendship is Lex?

It starts off with him saving his father (big surprise… no really it was a surprise) who spends most of the season blind (and a dick) and wishing he had died (boo hoo). He also saves Clark and their family from that dude that was going to expose Clark to the world. It’s ironic that he killed the one guy who had all the answers he was looking for. But he did it to save Clark and Jonathan so yay? I guess he does care in some way. Although it’s worrying that he can shot someone like that and walk away.

Then some crazy lady comes claiming that Clark is her son (thanks Chloe). Through out that whole episode I was like sure! Dream on, as if! And it turns out the evil one did have another son, Lucas (he also helped the Kent’s adopt Clark). So crazy lady kidnaps Lex… How? She was a frail old woman, are you telling me you couldn’t fight her off?


And then he finds Lucas, another awesome guest star Paul Wesley (Stefan from Vamp Diaries), and it’s rocky at first but then they become best buds by tricking the now not blind evil one.

But the highlight is Helen, I had forgotten about her. She is like the second evil one. But you only find that out in the finale. They hid that well. All that time I felt sorry for her when she was the one who was bad. Poor Lex… yeah I never thought I’d say that. He was more honest with her than anyone and I believe he truly loved her and then she went and did that?

Perhaps she’s the one who broke him? I don’t know. We’ll see.

Next Clarkie:

I’ve already talked about him a bit but there’s some stuff I missed out. Like how he still doesn’t understand women, he keeps putting his foot in it! It’s funny and sad… poor guy.

He also has his first encounter with red kryptonite, that’s always fun. I like how they played with what kryptonite could do on Smallville. It’s always interesting…. but also annoying. Because after he’s been bad he always has to go back and apologise and he doesn’t have the bliss of forgetting. Poor guy.

Another first, he leaps for the first time. Funnily enough he’s afraid of heights HA! I feel like the only thing stopping Clark from flying is his own fear. (And the fact that they were saving it for when he becomes Superman). It’s also the first time we see the Daily Planet! (He leaps from the Daily Planet to Luthor Corp). I was proud in that moment.

Then there was Kyla who also died. 😦 She was a love interest outside of Lana and I’m glad the show producers gave us that. Not to sound like a guy but he needs to get with other people and see that there is life outside of Lana. It was short lived but at least it happened.

Although with all this discovery he finds out what his “mission” is on Earth and it freaks him out (because he’s so not ready) and then he destroys his ship (I was oddly sad about that. That ship traveled a long way but it had to be done, it was being a nuisance) and the resulting explosion hurts Ma and Pa Kent.

I don’t blame Clark, I blame them. They’re the ones who came back, they didn’t have to, no one told them to and then Jonathan was mad at Clark and hurt him when he was hurting. Then they’re surprised he runs away… really Kent? Really?

I think red kryptonite is like his drug. He takes it and runs away and doesn’t come back (in the finale). It was sad but it was inevitable. Something bad was going to happen and he was going to run at some point. I’m glad it happened sooner rather than later.

I mean all he’s going through makes him the man he is in season 10.

Clark’s Training: The Parents Edition

So what did Clark learn this season?

How to use his heat vision!

That was SO funny how they introduced it! When Clark gets horny he shots lasers out of his eyes, nice. Although not nice for his girlfriend if he can’t control it.

He does control it in the end and it proves to be a good power.

I wonder how many things he’s destroyed on the farm as a part of his training.

This time it was Jonathan who was his coach (I guess a father has to talk to his son about these things) and helps him find the trigger and learn to control it.

Clark certainly is a fast learner, he gets it down in one epi.

Awesome Guest Stars:

Tom Cruise’s look alike Sean Faris in the episode Nocturne, that was a good episode.

Ian Randall played by Jonathan Taylor Thomas he was cray cray… like really… he was CRAZY! (Fun fact: did you know he was the voice of young Simba…. SIMBA!!!)

Paul Wesley who I’ve already mentioned along with Lizzy Caplan and Ryan Kelley.

Neil Flynn was in the episode Accelerate as the clone girl’s father, you may know him as Janitor from Scrubs or as Cady’s dad in Mean Girl’s.

Also there’s the recurring character Helen the betrayer played by Emmanuelle Vaugier.

There were probably loads more but I didn’t recognise them.

Anyway onwards onto Season 3! It’s getting good! And you know what this means? One more season till Lois!

Ps: the amount of burnt or destroyed cars on Smallville is unbelievable. I should do a tally or something. Perhaps I shall start with Season 3.

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