Hidden Gem: 2pm Nobody Else

I bought the 2pm No. 5 album on iTunes when it came out. Now I’m not an album person so I put off listening to the whole thing for a while. A long while.

However on the coach to work I found myself listening to 2pm and I ended up wanting to kick myself. The album is dope!

No seriously, it kicks ass.

It’s so grown and sexy. I can’t understand everything as I’m still learning Korean but the stuff I do understand… well hello there.

2pm are grown sexy men and this album reflects that.

But my personal favourite has to be the song ‘Nobody Else’ written by Junho. As soon as it starts the song has me. It’s smooth, it’s sexy and it gets me in the feels. When it comes to slow songs this is what I like, songs that get me to feel something.

The lyrics lay it out bare. He has a woman and he is in serious like with her. Everything about this woman captivates him. I wouldn’t say he’s in love, I don’t get that impression from the song but I do get the impression that he’s on the journey to love. You know, when you first start liking someone and it’s magical.

I love how he wants nobody else but you… ain’t that beautiful? Ain’t that sexy? To know that your man just wants to be with you? Just that notion itself makes me love the song. Imagine if someone wrote this for you… wow. This also explains why the lyrics “I don’t want nobody else but you (but you) cause no one makes me feel” hit me the most.

Apart from Nobody Else (which I shall play to death) I also liked Red, Hotter than July, Magic and Not the only one (although Not the only one is a players song and I ain’t about that player life but the melody and beat is good).

Side note: I also think Taec’s rapping voice is what got to me. Is it just me or was he on his game this album? If he rapped to me like that and proposed I’d say yes.

Overall great album and I highly recommend it. 2pm’s colour really shines out.

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