Show me your abs ‘oppa’!!

Okay so you saw the title and probably thought this post was going to be a fangirl rant about the sexiness of Kpop artists and their abs.

Sorry to disappoint you but this is not what this post is about.

It’s the opposite actually.

Now there are a lot of talented singers, dancers, producers and actors who work as Kpop artists. They work hard to do what they do and some are so talented they make me feel like an under achiever.

Forget it some have achieved so much before they hit the age of 20.

Don’t get me wrong it’s a lot of pressure but at least they get to do what they love (at least I hope they love it).

Like BTS for example or B.A.P. they are one of my favourite groups. They produce their own songs, write their own songs and generally try to do good with their music and represent a voice that cannot be heard.

That to me is the true spirit of hip hop and rap.

But sometimes I feel like an artist will be so talented, like them, and yet all fans will talk about are “oppas abs”. *cue the eye rolling*

They could sing a song that’s so touching and beautiful, they could inspire you with dance and yet all you see are thirsty comments about wanting so and so to show his abs.

It’s not just fangirls that do it I’m sure there are fanboys in there who do that too. But boy does it annoy me.

Can you pay attention to the person for one second please? Can you pay attention to their work?

Now if I flipped the script and was talking about how women in kpop keep getting sexualised I’m sure I’d have a lot of people going “here here” and “yes preach it” but with guys I feel like only a few of us have noticed. I feel like only a few of us care enough to say “Cool it! like seriously girl, he’s a person not your own personal ken doll”

Whoever said it’s only men who are horn dogs clearly never met a fangirl.

So I am sincerely asking that you pay attention to the person and not the abs because abs fade. They are so freaking hard to keep up unless you’re a professional athlete. So until you can make and maintain abs don’t pressure someone else to, even if they are a celebrity.

(And if you have never been that type of fangirl, yay!)

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