Aang vs Korra?

Fangirls and fanboys seem to be arguing about this a lot. Who is the better avatar? Here is my point of view.

I agree Korra is badass and hard hitting. She loves being the Avatar and she accepts her destiny. She is ready to kick butt and fight crime from the get go. She doesn’t seem, however, to understand that the Avatar is supposed to bring balance not to fight with anyone who threatens the peace.

She also sucks at air bending but that makes sense as air bending relies on peace and spirituality both things she lacks.

She has a good heart and she does try her best but she has too much pride and that is her down fall. She mentions how she sees herself in Kuvira and I would have to agree. If it weren’t for what she went through and the people around her Korra could have easily been a Darth Vader type dictator. She would have done anything to get her way even if it meant force BUT luckily she doesn’t go down the route.

Aang is the opposite of Korra in many ways. He is very much in contact with his spirituality being an air nomad. Air bending is second nature to him to the point where he can win a fight using air bending alone (it explains why Tenzin is so badass). He is wise and level headed and all about peace and balance.

However he lacks the fire and isn’t as ruthless as Avatar Kyoshi. He isn’t willing to harm the fire nation, more to the point Fire Lord Ozai. He is immature and runs away from his responsibilities not wanting to become the Avatar.

That’s their pros and cons. No Avatar is perfect as they are still human and in both series we meet them when they are young and still learning. Yeah Korra is older than Aang was but she’s still a teenager and an annoying one at that (she gets better).

I don’t agree that she was a better fighter than Aang. Aang was a great fighter, he had completely mastered air bending at the age of 12. He got a lot of battle experience, more than Korra, and the fights in ATLA were better and more epic. People also seem to forget that Aang was all about peace so of course he wasn’t going to fight people for no reason and of course he only fought when he needed to. He wasn’t a hot head like Korra and tried to find peace before resorting to violence and I admired that.

I liked that Korra was badass and so strong willed. It was good to see such a representation of a female on TV.

Having said that I did not agree with her methods. She fought first and thought later. Where’s the logic in that?

Plus Aang defeated Ozai is the best way possible. Killing Ozai would have accomplished nothing, he would have been dead and that’s it. Taking away his bending was so much worse as it left him powerless! It brought shame to the once powerful (and crazy) phoenix king. He valued fire bending above all else to lose that… oh hum that must have crushed him.

Sometimes I think people are just blood thirsty as there are other ways to resolve issues than with violence.

Aang also had better control over his avatar state.

Reading this post I think you know who my favourite Avatar is. It’s Aang. I get Aang and he embodies what the Avatar is about. A person of peace, someone who restores balance. He is a badass but he doesn’t feel the need to prove it all the time. I like that.

I don’t however hate Korra. It is possible to like both you know. You’ll just love one more than the other.

I imagine Kyoshi and Korra would have gotten along famously.

That is all.

This is also the last post in my ATLA/LoK series of blog posts. You can find the others in my Manga and Anime tab. Thank you for reading.

(I may write about my top five fights in LoK… I don’t know)

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