Legend of Korra: Top Five Fights

In no particular order here are my top five fights from Legend of Korra!

Bolin and Mako vs Ghazan and Ming Hua

A great example of brotherly team work.

Bolin learnt how to lava bend and took on Ghazan. I feel like if Ghazan was not a villain he and Bolin would have been friends. He was so chill. Anyway it was a well matched fight and was fun to watch. We got to see Bolin flex his lava bending skills making him more awesome.

We also got to see Mako kick butt. It was a nice change from all the “love” stuff. Also lightning beats water, what was Ming Hua thinking? She was crazy.

They then teamed up against Ghazan and they would have defeated him so man decided he could only do one thing… a Samson.

Bolin vs Northern Water Benders

This fight highlighted for the first time what an absolute boss Bolin is. He turned up in there like I don’t think so and took on three water benders single-handedly. Oh yeah he reached boss status. I was glad they finally showed Bolin’s potential. Up until that moment he had just been comic relief but they finally showed that he too can kick butt… serious butt.

He had little resources as well and yet he made it work to his advantage.

I cannot highlight enough how much I love Bolin. He’s too epic.

Lin and Suyin vs P’Li

It’s a short fight but it showed how savage the sisters are. Suyin had been living the peaceful life and so I did not expect her to have that savagery in her. I mean she is responsible for the worst death in LoK.

Toph raised savage fighters but then again did we expect anything else?

Korra vs Zaheer

They had one of the best fights in the series. It was Korra’s best avatar fight by far. She was ruthless and had mastered all her elements including the avatar state. Plus she was poisoned! She took him on fully ill and still held her ground! If that isn’t badass then I don’t know what is.

Korra killed it! If she wasn’t poisoned she would have won and wiped that smirk off Zaheer’s face. He was a good villain but annoyed the hell out of me with his nonsense.

It also highlighted her fighting style, she’s very strong and hard hitting. In real life I feel like she’d be an MMA fighter.

Tenzin vs Zaheer 

Tenzin my favourite fighter in the series. He was so boss in any situation.

Zaheer took him on thinking he could win when Tenzin had years of experience as an air bender and whose father was Aang. Like Zaheer really? Where’s your head at?

Tenzin showed how badass air benders can be. He showed the true extent of his abilities and only lost because Zaheer had backup. He was standing his ground for a while against the four of them. The four of them who took out the white lotus and others. Let that sink in.

It was also well choreographed. This fight and Korra’s fight against Zaheer excelled. They used their terrain and provided some good actions sequences.

That is all!


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