Legend of Korra: The Review

I am back with my Legend of Korra (LoK)/ Avatar: the last airbender (AtLA) series of blogs. It’s been a while but I caught a bad case of procrastination. All I had to do was finish season 4 of Korra but I got distracted by every other show I know.

Procrastination is a serious thing y’all.

Anyway on with my review.

I loved AtLA and so I was hesitant when it came to the Legend of Korra. I did not hear good reviews and so I didn’t want to watch it and taint my memories of the Last Airbender series. However then I was like I should watch it and make my own mind up. I may like it.

I was wrong.

Okay I did not hate it as some people tend to. Season 1 and 2 were annoying but not because of the plot. In fact the plot was very well written. I mean Amon was a well thought out villain and he did bring up some very good points that they later had to address. Plus his back story! That was sad! It was one of those moments where you felt bad for the villain. Finding out he was Noatak and what his father put him through… you really can’t blame him. And then at the end when both he and his brother Tarrlok ended up dying in a murder/suicide… that was deep. It was also very different from Aang but I thought this was a good thing as no one likes a copy cat series where everything is exactly the same.

Onto season 2…. I couldn’t stand this season. Yeah Unalaq wasn’t so bad as a villain. It was just so predictable! At least along the way we got to learn about the first Avatar, Avatar Wan (wooohooo) and what the avatar actually is. It explained the spirit world and avatars and that was cool. I personally loved that story line. I did not however enjoy the drama of Unalaq. I was just waiting for someone to defeat him already. Things only got interesting at the end when he linked up with Vaatu and became a dark avatar. Isn’t that just a horrible thought? Imagine if Korra had not defeated him? *shudder*.

Now most people are mad because in season 2 she loses her connection to her past lives when Raava was pulled out of her and destroyed. I thought it made sense  though. It all linked up perfectly. She had to deal with the harmonic convergence which had not happened for a thousand years and she started a new cycle of avatars. It was bound to happen sometime. And yeah she’s alone but so was Wan and whoever came after Wan only had Wan’s help. If you think about it it was the later Avatars who really benefited from the past lives connection. Korra has been through a lot of crap and has made so many mistakes she is going to be a valuable past Avatar to whoever precedes her.

Season 3, my favourite season. Because Korra left the spirit portals open the spirit world and the human world once again co exist. Aang would have been so psyched for that. He also would have been psyched because the air benders returned! Not from the dead but people were given the ability over air because of everything that happened. It was so awesome to see air benders again in large numbers. This season was funny, it had great action and we got some new characters. They also focused on my favourite character Jinora. I love her, she’s so wise and badass. She got a love interest too, Kai! He brought the badass to air bending. I was so happy because the air benders can fight, people seem to forget that but this season reminded them.

This season also had the best villain: Zaheer! He was an anarchist and I know we weren’t supposed to like his followers but Ghazan amused me and he introduced lava bending and Ming-Hua was so crazy it was fun. P’Li however was annoying but Zaheer did genuinely love her. She had to have had the worse death on LoK. Lin and Suyin are savage! When she wrapped that metal around her face I was like oh crap! (They don’t show anything because it’s meant to be a kids show but I have an imagination!).

Whilst Zaheer was the best villain I agreed with his ideals the least. He wanted anarchy but he didn’t really think his plan through. He was wise and yet so narrow minded or blind to the flaws in his plan. Like it would leave a power vacuum and sure you got rid of the queen now what? Who’s going to lead the people? All you’ve provided is chaos and sooner or later someone is going to come and take control because no one wants to live in chaos constantly.

This brings us to Kuvira. She fills the power vacuum and becomes a delightful dictator. She kept saying she was doing it for her people but she was doing it for herself. She helped get rid of the bandits but then she became a tyrant and threatened her own people because they wouldn’t obey her. At least she showed Zaheer the epic flaws in his plan.

She reminded me of Darth Vader. She wanted to bring order and the only way she knew how was by force. Or at least that was the only method she saw working.

If her big weapon just basically blasted spirit energy why didn’t Korra just bend the energy? Or could she not do that?

I still enjoyed season 4 though. Korra finally learned something and put her pride aside. Getting knocked down so badly and having to be built back up and face her fears did her good. I was proud.

I feel like she needed a Toph in her life. Someone who wasn’t going to take her crap or sugar coat their advice. I feel like a lot of people needed a Toph in their lives. So much foolishness I could have done without.

Omd! Am I turning into Toph?

I liked the new characters like Jinora, Bolin, Kai, Asami and Mako. I also liked getting to know Tenzin and his family. Meelo is going to be amazing one day.

I didn’t like how they pooped on the old characters though. I feel like they destroyed the memory of Aang. To think of him as a bad parent… I can’t see it. Aang knew what it was like to be alone and to have lost everyone. I feel like he would have been a very kind parent and a little too loose with the discipline. I can understand him being busy and not having time for his kids being the avatar but I can’t see him having favourites and making his children feel inadequate.

I wish we got to know what happened to Sokka and Suki and the Kyoshi warriors. I would have also liked to know who Zuko married, was it Mai or not?

So many questions were left unanswered but Korra was shorter than Aang anyway.

One thing I can agree that I hated was the love triangles. It was so annoying! It was like watching a teen drama, and not a good one. When I say I skipped… I skipped! I was not going to sit there and watch them whine about their love lives.

The fights were also less epic. You can’t replicate what happened in Aang but come on! The fights could have been more epic. At least we had Tenzin and the air benders to show us what epic means. Also Bolin and his brother Mako kicked butt. They were my highlights. We didn’t get much fire bender action but I guess that makes sense what with the events of Aang.

So that’s all I have to say. It was good, I didn’t love it but I didn’t hate it. The characters did develop and we got to see more of their lives but I don’t feel like we connected with them the same way we did in Aang. It was darker and there was more death but we also got to experience the spirit world. I feel like that story line and the air benders saved the series.

Do you agree? What were your thoughts on Korra?

That is all from me, ciao!

Ps: who else hated that they gave Noatak the ability to spirit bend?

Also Varick and Zhu Li had the best ending! I loved them!

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