Old School Review: A Bronx Tale

Today’s Old School Review shall be on A Bronx Tale.

I’m not one for mafia movies or movies that involve the mafia but one day I was surfing YouTube and ended up in the interracial couples section. And then in suggested there was best TV/Film interracial couples (it was a while ago, I don’t remember the exact title) and A Bronx Tale was one of the movies featured.

It intrigued me and so I sought it out on YouTube hunting for clips and it was really interesting! Not just the love story either but Cee’s story and the fact that the film was autobiographical.

Let me explain. As I got interested in the movie I researched it and as I researched it found out that it was an autobiography of Chazz Palminteri (who stars in the movie as the local mafia boss Sonny). In the film Chazz was Calogero and he did experience all those things. For example he did witness the local Mafia boss murder someone and he did kind of almost get pulled into that world.

DeNiro directed A Bronx Tale, being the only person successful at buying the rights off Palminteri as he met Palminteri’s terms (that he would star in it as Sonny and that he would write the screenplay). Thus parts of the movie cater to DeNiro more than Palminteri as DeNiro wanted to depict biracial love between an Italian man and a black woman as it was something he related to and wanted to reflect in the movie.

So A Bronx Tale the movie was born!

It is brutal and I had no idea they were so brutal. I mean the members of the Mafia in the movie are so well dressed and yet brutal… I know it’s possible to be sharp, well dressed AND brutal, but believing and seeing is another thing.

Calogero goes on a journey really. He’s being pulled by his father to one side and Sonny to the other side. Then in enters Jane who pulls him in an entirely different direction.

Their attraction to each other is so pure and simple that I love it. They don’t question it even though they’re aware of the taboo.

The storytelling is great, the soundtrack too had me. It’s a good movie overall and worth watching.

That is all, ciao!

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