Pure Gem: Save Me

Normally I title these music related posts ‘Hidden Gem’ but I discovered this gem straight away, there was no hidden discovery.

Unfortunately I do not have this album … yet… But thankfully BTS made a music video for this awesome song and they’ve performed it on music shows.

It’s so good! I didn’t realise how good until I saw them perform it. Sometimes you don’t realise how awesome a song is until you hear them perform it live.

It’s kind of like Autumn Leaves 고엽 in the sense that it’s beautifully sang and rapped but at the same time you can dance to it. Like whilst you’re dancing you’re catching feels. It tugs at the heart strings and it is now in my head. I swear I’ll be washing dishes and start singing “그 손을 내밀어줘 Save me Save me, I need your love before I fall, fall”

Can we also talk about the dance? It’s so artistic. It so pretty and yet simple that I think I could do it and not suck at it too much, as long as I channel my inner artistic side. The beginning where the vocal line breaks it down to you, then the Suga and J Hope bit… J Hope what can I say? These type of songs suit him so much! His part always seems to get to me. Then there’s the dance break and that’s my second favourite bit after the vocal beginning.

Onto the lyrics…

Again it reminds of Autumn Leaves 고엽 in a sense. I’m not saying that they’re the same but they remind me of each other in terms of how they make me feel. However with this one you kind of feel the beauty and ache of love. The loneliness of love as well as the beauty.

Jungkook 정국

Why is it so dark where you’re not here
It’s dangerous how wrecked I am
Save me because I can’t get a grip on myself

Rap Mon

Thank you for letting me be me
For helping me fly
For giving me wings
For straightening me out
For waking me from being suffocated
For waking me from a dream which was all I was living in
When I think of you the sun comes out
So I gave my sadness to the dog
(Thank you. For being ‘us’)

꾹이’s part best highlighted for me the despair and loneliness of falling in love and that feeling you get when you really want/ need someone.

Rap Mon’s part highlighted for me the good side, how someone can help you, make you better and make you whole.

It was like looking at two sides of a coin with this song.

Now that the 화양연화 era is coming to an end I wonder what they’ll have in store for us next. I wonder if it has anything to do with the Boy Meets… stuff at the end of the recent MVs.

Anyway that is all! 안녕!

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