So they cancelled my girl?


Rahzzah Agent Carter by Rahzzah

I received some very disappointing news via Twitter on Thursday the 12th. Agent Carter has not been renewed! Yes you heard me right, they’ve cancelled it!

Why is it that the good shows, the ones that kick butt and cover new ground are always the ones to get axed? Oh that’s right ratings. But I swear there be some awful shows out there that make it onto season 5 and yet here we have Agent Carter, killed before season 3.

We have only just started as well. Peggy was getting into her groove and season 3 promised to be juicy, I mean what happened to Thompson? What in Peggy’s past is worth killing over?

And Sousa and Peggy, that happened! Now we won’t get to see anything more.

What about Jarvis? Hmm? What about him!

Also where else are we going to get a female centred show where the female lead kicks ass and takes names? Where? Okay I may be exaggerating but I loved how they tackled issues like sexism and racism and how they showed the strength of Peggy as an individual.

We didn’t even get to see them form SHIELD…. *sigh*

They should have just made it on Netflix from the beginning.

It was also very well made. The make up, costume and set design was on point. I really felt like I was being transported to the 1940s. Each episode was like a mini movie.

Let’s hope some other network will pick up the show and slay! Slay! Because it’d be a shame for the story to end there.

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