Hidden Gem: The 7th Sense

The 7th Sense by NCT U…

Yeah this one snuck up on me. I did not expect to like it but I was watching Music Bank Eng on KBS world (on YouTube) as I tend to do and they just popped up and slayed me.

I tuned in at the “We’ll take it slow” bit and I was like hold up! What is going on right now? When did this performance get sexy?

At first the “open your eyes” bit didn’t make sense. Especially when they said “quietly open your eyes”… quietly?

But listening to the song a second time I think they’re telling the girl to open her eyes to reality. It’s like they’re talking about being trapped in a dream world.

(I went and watched the MV after seeing it on music bank and I did not know they were from SM!! I must have been out of the kpop loop to have missed that).

Anyway it’s a sexy song even if the lyrics have you sitting there like “Wait what? Back up let me make sense of this.” It’s tone, the low singing, the smooth ass rapping from the guy in the beret… it’s sexy.

And the dance… the dance is the best! But what did I expect from SM, they always turn out good dancers.

That is all πŸ˜‰

Go check out the song, you may love it.

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