Yes Professional Hair

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Ready to take that board room!

So via Facebook it has come to my attention that when you type in unprofessional hair in google images you get a whole bunch of pics of black women rocking natural hair. And when you type in professional hairstyles you get pictures of white women with their hairstyles (although Zoe Saldana, Hallie Berry and a black woman with natural hair did pop up when I did it, yay!).

Now my friend pointed out that this may be because we keep talking about how our hair is viewed as unprofessional in blogs and so because of the tags that is what comes up when you type it in google.

Now I want to combat that because it’s a real shame. As I am a black woman with natural hair and I believe our hair is 100% professional. It is so versatile it can be anything it wants to be! It can be sexy, it can be sporty, it can be lazy, it can be cute, it can be punk, it can be professional!

I have a blog and so I wanted to counter and tag this post so that when you type in professional hair more black women with natural hair may turn up.

If you have a blog why not try and do that also. If we believe our hair is professional and support each other it won’t be long before the world thinks so too. Yes I’m being optimistic but in this world someone has to. I’m tired of being pessimistic and ain’t no one gonna tell me my hair is unprofessional.

Having said my peace here is some natural hair spam!!

download (1)download (2)download (3)download (4)

I know you’re probably sitting there like “But Gift their hair is big, some jobs don’t allow that, style it for work!” And yeah for certain jobs you would have to style it (like a cute up-do, straightening is not the only option) but not for all! Yeah that’s right I said not all. Have you not heard of models? Musicians? Actresses? Writers? There are a lot of creative jobs that allow you to style your hair in a big way. In fact I’m seeing more fro’s on television and it’s making me so happy!!

download (6)download (7)

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One of my favourites from Pinterest 
download (9)
I know this actress from somewhere and I love her!!! 
Oh Solange, my celebrity inspiration

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download (5)
Oh yes styled and ready to take the world by storm!

That is all from me 😀 Rock on natural sisters, take on that professional world by storm!

Speaking of which

The fanart is giving me life and yeah that’s her with T’challa … I’m just going to leave that there and walk off

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