Old School Review: Coyote Ugly

Can’t fight the moonlight (by LeAnn Rimes), that song and music video is what got me to watch the movie. It looked so cool and it had a great OST. How could I not watch it?

It did not disappoint. It was a good movie and I enjoyed it.

For me it was about dreams and how hard it is to fulfill your dreams. How hard it is to strive for your dreams when you have no money. How hard it is to get into the music industry.

I admire the fact that she doesn’t give up. She sticks by her guns and does her best to fulfill her own dreams. But she needs money so she works at Coyote Ugly, a bar, and to be honest it’s not that bad.

The women own their sexuality. They are strong and opinionated and it’s like a family.

Then she falls in love and judgy mc judging son arrives. Okay their story was sweet and cute and whatever but come on! Why did he judge her so hard? She was working to get money to fulfill her dream! Sure she hits a rut at one point but that didn’t give him the right to judge.

There are so many other things that he could have said but he said that. I was disappointed in him. I would have been mad personally. But no she’s sad and wants him back, whatever.

I’m happy that she fulfills her dream in the end. Good hustle girl good hustle!

Also the dance scenes rock!

No seriously I would work there.

And with that I shall leave, adios!

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