Hidden Gem: Papi by f(x)

It’s taken me a while to be able to get the f(x) 4 Walls album but I finally got it, woop!

Trivial but I love f(x). I always enjoy their songs and I honestly think 4 Walls is one of their best comebacks. Yeah I said it!

The song, the concept, the beat and the dance! OMD finally f(x) were given the comeback they deserved and a banging dance number to boot. I feel like SM (and Vixx and BTS) are trying to get me into house music and it’s working.

I also enjoyed the secondary song they promoted, Diamond.

But with f(x) I know that there is always one song on the album that I love more than the officially promoted songs. In this album it was Papi.

As soon as the song starts with the beat… it had me.


That part of the song made me think that it was going to be about them being bosses but then they started to sing about Papi and I was like “so it’s about a guy?”

So I looked up the lyrics and finally cleared up the issue. It was about them being bosses. They’re confident and not afraid to rule.

I love how they’re always repping being feisty women who kill it at everything. They’re good role models for women and for me.

It is fast becoming my go to jam song.

The album in general is very good, as always, it flows well and is FULL of hidden gems. If i wanted to I could write about each and every one of them.

But I won’t.

That is all, ciao!

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