Star Trek: The Giftilicious Review

I was bored on my day off at summer camp when someone suggested we go to the cinema. Now we had gone last weekend and I wanted nothing more than to just lay there and do nothing.

Yes I was bored but I’m also lazy.

But then they said Star Trek was out and I was like “Yes! Let’s go! Why are we still sitting here? STAR TREK!”

Yes I was a little excited.

Star Trek is just so cool man. There was no way I was going to miss the chance to see it.

So how was the movie?

It was good.

The action in it was superb (obviously) and as an action junkie I was satisfied. The story line also moved at a good pace. Nothing dragged, nothing felt out of place. Everything the villain said felt deliberate, nothing that happened felt like a coincidence and I liked that. That feeling that it was all connected and that we were missing an awesome clue.

I just knew (SPOILER ALERT) that when they were in that old ship and that video was playing that it was a massive clue and that they were missing it. Thank goodness for Uhura.

What was with Spock and Uhura anyway? That was the only plot point that I felt was un necessary. In fact I would have preferred a romance story line that focused on Kirk more, he didn’t get any loving.

But I loved that they developed the relationship between Spock and Bones, Bones and Kirk, Spock and Kirk and Bones, Spock and Kirk. The bromance levels reached an ultimate high in this film and I feel like classic Trekkie fans will be pleased with that.

That plot twist though.

You know I love plot twists. But dang that plot twist though! I saw it coming but I was still surprised by the result. That was some good story telling.

All in all visually it was great, the action was banging and the soundtrack, dude, the soundtrack was great! Especially in that last scene.

But I went with someone who wasn’t a Star Trek fan and had not seen the other movies and she could not follow the plot. So as a stand alone it might not make sense. It made sense to me but I don’t know if that’s because I’m a fan or because I’m an action junkie who loves subtle plots with multiple branches.

It was good anyway, I recommend you watch it.

That is all,

boa noite! (Yes I’m writing this at night)

Ps: 10/10 for bad ass female characters especially Jaylah … LOVED HER OMD!

I digress


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