Old School Review: Barbershop

Warning Spoilers

This is a classic black people movie that I have heard plenty about but have never gotten round to watching. Terrible I know. I should just hand back my card. But even though I’m black I haven’t watched many of the classics. So this summer I’ve made it my mission to watch them all.

I started with Brown Sugar and now I’m on Barbershop, both 1 and 2.

So how was it?

I liked it, I really liked it.

The first one was funny, the humour in it was silly and light hearted, not what I expected. It was easy going but at the same time the issues were real.

Calvin was wondering whether or not he should carry on his fathers dream as it wasn’t his dream. To be honest he had a valid point, he didn’t have to, but to turn it into a strip club? No! I feel like he should have just chosen someone to run the shop for him, whilst he still owned it, whilst he pursued his music.

I also liked the community feel the movie had. They were like a family, it was honest and real and men came in looking meh and went out looking fly. I’ve never understood the concept of a barbershop or why my guy friends take it so seriously but now I do. There’s more to it than the hair and even with the hair you don’t want someone to mess you up cause you’ll have to live with it until it grows back.

Ricky’s character was probably my favourite and no it’s not just because he’s played by Michael Ealy. I just liked his character, he showed a lot of growth. He was smart, talented and real, he was also caring. He’s a real brother.

Teri also gave me jokes “Who drank my apple juice!” You know what? I feel her, when someone drinks your juice it’s like WTH? How rude! Especially when you share a fridge. Become a student and you’ll see what we mean. She was real too.

Barbershop 2 was not as fun as the first one. The first one had that whole it happens in one day thing and that was cool.

Even though I liked the first one better the second one had it’s cool moments. It incorporated history and flashbacks that I thought was cool. We got to know Eddie’s past and how he came to be. It was cool how through him we got to see the history of black America… to an extent.

For me I think the second one was also about being true to yourself. They faced the challenge of competition for the first time and in that moment they had to decide between changing or staying the same and riding out the storm.

Through both movies I learnt a lot and got more out of them than just laughs.

Now I just have to watch the third one but I don’t know… there’s no Ricky 😦

Is it good? If you’ve seen the third one and think it’s good then I shall check it out otherwise no thanks.

That is all,


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