Lesser Love? Greater Love? That is the question

Journey to the West was recommended to me recently and so I watched it. I was promised a fun ride and instead I got some weird emotional roller coaster.

It was so weird and yet I got it.

The main character goes on this journey hunting demons and he wants to be like the best or to nullify demons but he keeps failing. Then he meets this chick and she’s badass (thank you!) and then she falls for him and he’s like “Nah, I’m searching for greater love, romantic love is a lesser love.”

Pause she was also so funny. The extent she went to, to get him was hilarious. Not because she was trying so hard but because of the methods she used. She was savage.

Then they have to fight this pig demon and he goes to the monkey for help. His girl dies because he accidentally releases the monkey and that causes him to reach enlightenment and becomes super badass and channel Buddha?.

Then his master is like what did you learn? And he answers there is no such thing as lesser or greater love, all love is important and significant. He had to lose someone to understand that even romantic love can be great and can strengthen you.

It’s at the end when he finally admits that he loves her.

Pause, why does someone always die? Like one half of a couple almost always dies. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, House of Flying Daggers… a book I once read that was Asian, I think it was called Nightingale Floor (good book but sad ending).

Anyway it was a good point. All love is worthwhile. All experiences in life teach you something. Whether the experience is good or bad it teaches you something. So perhaps it is not always best to separate yourself from life experiences.

It made me think in the end. He was spitting truth and I learnt something about love and life. Sometimes… okay most of the time… I don’t want to go through painful experiences because emotional pain can be worse than physical pain. But maybe I need to go through that pain. Through pain we grow and learn. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


Something, actually a lot of things, to think about.


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