Lessons from Manga: Judging Via Appearances

So I was reading One Punch Man chapter 69… if you’re not there yet stop reading now.

I warned you.

Anyway Saitama decides to enter a costume competition because he’s bored. A kid had his clothes stolen so Saitama gives him his costume and enters the competition in his underpants and a shirt from a restaurant he went to.

The judges at the competition are super judgey.

Yeah I know it’s their job but they’re taking it waaaay too seriously. You’re judging their clothes not their life, like dang!

So Saitama comes up and this dude Mr Torajirou really lays into him, if it were anyone else they would have had a breakdown. This man is like “I know you! I know you as a person just through the way you present yourself!” He is basically calling him a worthless lazy bum just because of his clothes.

Then Saitama defeats some random turtle monster and the judge is like “That doesn’t change my mind your costume still sucks”.

Saitama doesn’t care and goes home. Meanwhile the kid from before comes back and gives Saitama his costume back and says thank you and he really helped that kid out. He helps that kid to own his identity no matter what others say. Then you find out that the kid is Torajirou’s son. Ha! How do you like them apples. And Torajirou is like perhaps I shouldn’t be so quick to judge, perhaps appearance doesn’t tell me everything.

You don’t say.

I know it’s said a lot but how many times do you rush to judge someone and then think your opinion is fact?

People are like icebergs. We only see the tip. You can know someone for years and still learn new things about them ten years down the line. In fact you’ve known yourself since birth and yet you still learn new things about yourself with each passing year.

So what makes us think we can accurately judge someone?

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, only God can judge us as only he can see everything, the whole iceberg!

So I re-learnt a lesson. Don’t judge someone. You don’t know them. Don’t think just because you’ve seen one side that you know all sides. You don’t and if someone was to turn around and judge you in the same manner… well you would not be happy.

That is all,


Ps: I didn’t mean to preach but it is a lesson I feel we all need to learn. The world would be such a better place. I include myself in this as well.

One thought on “Lessons from Manga: Judging Via Appearances

  1. We certainly need to make a conscious decision to stop judging people by their appearance. We cannot control when others judge us consciously or unconsciously, so presenting oneself well is important. When it comes to us, though, we must not do the same to others! Great post.


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