Luke Cage: Episode 1

It’s the first episode and I’m already excited. To be honest I’ve been excited since Jessica Jones. I mean Mike Colter is all kinds of beautiful chocolate and they teased me with his story line in Jones.

Before I start watching the show can I just say that the starting sequence is so artful? That’s one thing I love about Marvel Netflix shows like Daredevil, Jessica Jones and now Luke Cage, they’re not limited creatively so I always feel like I’m watching art.

I like how Luke Cage’s title sequence in particular showcases his strength, subtlety (because even though he’s strong and a hunk of muscle he’s a subtle, reserved and dignified person. Sometimes when people are that strong they feel the need to show off but not him) and the shows depth of character.

Okay so I’ve finished the first episode. SPOILERS ahead so stop reading if you ain’t ready!!

That was a journey. How do you know when to step in and do the right thing? Even though you know you can take them it still takes a lot to make that first step. I think, for me, that’s what this episode was about. In terms of Luke anyway. He really did not want to get involved in the mess that he was seeing but it was getting increasingly hard for him to ignore it when he knew he could do something. I’m glad he eventually steps up and I can relate to how hard it is.

With superhero shows sometimes they make it seem like some easy thing, getting up and fighting toe to toe with the evil in the world. But it ain’t easy and when you’re involved it’s complicated, this show highlighted that perfectly.

I’m not too fond of councilwoman Mariah. I hate it when people are fake like that. How she was smiling like “Ah I love these kids” but really I don’t think she does. She’s just all sorts of dodgy and I don’t like it. If you’re bad own that you’re bad but hey she’s in politics.

Another person that ticked me off from the get go was Shameek. Man ain’t got no loyalty. He thinks he’s got ‘it’ but he ain’t. Children. I don’t rejoice in violence so seeing him die was not great but at the same time I was like what did you expect?

It was interesting how they shot that scene. You don’t really see Shameek much. Mr cottonmouth also breaks the fourth wall at one point looking directly at the camera at the end. It’s also interesting because it reminded me of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. You don’t actually see the woman get stabbed by Bates but you know it happens and your mind creates the horror to the point where it’d be better to see the violence because what your mind creates is worse. It’s the same in this scene, you don’t see all of the violence, especially the killing blows but you hear them and you see the blood and your mind creates a worse image.

I wasn’t meant to but I found the thugs funny. They had to be the scariest flyer givers ever! And then that last one standing he was smart and ran and didn’t challenge Cage. I’m surprised the others tried. After that man’s fist broke on his face I wouldn’t try nothing.

One thing this episode highlighted for me was how we live in a world where a respectful honest man is mocked. He don’t swear, he’s mocked, he’s educated, he’s mocked, he’s respectful and expects respect, he’s mocked. Why is he mocked? Are you jealous because you’re not as man as him? Does he make you uncomfortable? Why?

All I got to say is a respectful man wins at life.

Quotes of the episode:

“Everyone’s got a gun but no one’s got a father”

“But you have my word ma’am, I’ve got you”

Artist of episode:

Rafael Saddiq

Ps: Really Shameek you got to a strip club? You stupid.

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