Luke Cage: Episode 2

Really? You’re going to shot him for standing there and doing nothing? What is with this world?

On with the review. SPOILERS AHEAD.

You got me crying at episode 2? Really?

Okay let’s start off light, I like the Easter eggs they keep dropping. Like when Pop called Luke Cage Power Man. I caught that! Nice.

I also liked that we got to know Pop and why he’s so for helping others in his community. He’s been there. He’s seen it all. And because he’s been there he wants to help. He can’t sit back and watch these kids die. I admire that. It’s always good when people do something instead of sitting there talking about how they’re going to do something.

I also love Pop because he inspires Luke. He isn’t scared to step up and stand up for Chico. It costs him but I feel that even if he knew what the cost would have been he still would have stood up for Chico.

Having said that I’m mad.

I could not stop talking at the screen during the last half of Luke Cage. Tone just kept on talking. He thought he was slick. He thought Cottonmouth/Mr Stoke would be happy. Was this child new? Did he not know what Pop meant to him? Was this child stupid? I’m sorry to be harsh but he didn’t think at all.

He was all hurt in his pride because Shades had joined their crew. Now look, because you weren’t smart you’re dead.

I cannot.

I kind of wanted Turk to just go away, he was unnecessary I felt. But I guess he tied the worlds of Harlem and Hell’s Kitchen together. He was like a living shout out to Daredevil.

I was impressed with Mariah this episode. I still don’t like her but she wants respect more than money. She wants to rise up honestly but then why is she getting involved with her shady cousin? Because they’re family?

What’s better respect or money?

I haven’t talked about Misty and I guess I should. I like her. She’s a badass smart detective. She can play ball and she’s a strong, beautiful black woman. I’m so happy with her character. I’ve been seeing the tweets about her #Mistysolit that Black Girl Nerds started and they got me excited about her. But I’m going to wait because I feel I haven’t even scratched the surface with her.

Quotes of the episode:

“Always forward pop… forward… always”


“I’m going back to Hell’s Kitchen where it’s safe.”


Artist of the episode:

Faith Evans

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