Loving yourself

There’s a verse or verses in the bible where it talks about loving your neighbour as much as you love yourself (Mark 12: 31; Leviticus 19: 18). I don’t know about you but I always had trouble with this verse and not because I didn’t want to love my neighbour, no, but because I didn’t know how I was to love myself.

How does one love themselves?

What happens if you don’t love yourself does that mean you have no love to give to your neighbour?

It took a while for me to build my self esteem and to love myself. It took me growing and finding things within myself that I liked. For example: my humour, my straight forwardness and my stubbornness which could be a blessing and a curse.

Gradually I started to see the beauty not just on the outside but the inside. First I’d like obscure places like my back but then I’d like my eyes, my nose, my mouth, until I liked my whole face.

Yeah it took time and my mothers prayers but I started to value myself.

I think this is so important for everyone who has low self esteem. It’s important to value yourself and to love yourself. Because for one you can understand the love you’re supposed to give others as the bible verse says.

For two you learn that you are worth it. You will start singing Fifth Harmony everywhere. You won’t take crap from anyone and you’ll recognise when someone isn’t appreciating you because you are a QUEEN! (And KING if there are any guys reading this).

I have met people who really didn’t value themselves and would let people treat them poorly. In fact I’ve been that person too. And I just felt sad for them and me. We are worth so much to God and to our loved ones. If we loved and valued and respected ourselves as much as they did we’d never allow that crap to happen.

So I decided to pray for that person and to change within myself. I let God work through me and I started to value myself as much as he does.

I’m glad I learnt that lesson. I hope you will too.

You are worth it, you are beautiful and you are loved.

So cut yourself some slack and love yourself.

If you already do, rock on! *fist bump*

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