Me, Myself and God

“I’m waiting to find my other half”

“He completes me”

“I’d be nothing without him”

No girl, you are whole, you are already a complete person and you are something without him.

I’m not going to lie, I liked the idea of soulmates, and I believe God has someone for me. But I don’t believe in the whole being incomplete without a man thing.

I want to have companionship and to be loved like anyone else but before I can be with someone I have to find that in myself. I can’t expect another person to complete me and bring me joy and all that when he has problems of his own. Sure he can help me but I need to help myself.

I believe that before anyone gets married or gets in a serious relationship they need to have a long period of time where they are by themselves. Where they don’t have a man, are single and learn to be okay with being alone.

In that time alone you learn about yourself, you see the beauty in yourself and you learn to make your own happiness.

Self love is important.

If you go into a relationship just because you’re lonely or can’t stand being alone… it will fail. You will still feel lonely in the relationship and it may be worse than before because you’ll be like “But I’m with someone why am I lonely?”

Nah, find the cause of the loneliness and deal with that first and then get your man.

Also in that time alone you get to know your worth. You get to see that you are a great woman and in learning that you don’t let any man treat you wrong.

Having and creating a bond with God during that is great. As you know from my Filling the Hole post I believe only God can fill that hole in your heart. So building a relationship with Him, reading the bible and doing devotions… that makes you feel whole. That completes you not a man.

As humans we let each other down but God never lets us down.

So find strength within yourself and within God and when that person comes along you’ll be better for it.

Self love people, self love!

That is all,


Ps: Self love is also explored in Loving yourself

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