Luke Cage: Vigilante vs Strength

Okay so I watched Luke Cage episode 3 and 4 and I accidentally lost my post. *sigh* Sad times.

Anyway here’s a quick sum up of what I thought.


Episode 3 was dope, Luke hit Cottonmouth where it hurt and I was proud of him, doing Pops right.

I was disappointed in Scarfe. I had no idea the man was bent. I knew something bad was going to happen at the meet up with Chico but I honestly thought it would be Scarfe who died but it makes sense that he is a mole. I never completely liked him. I started to when he was talking to Misty but now… nope I’m going back to my original judgement, he a weasel.

Who takes someone out with a rocket launcher? Where is the logic in that? This guy, I’m starting to think he’s not smart. In fact no he isn’t. He should listen to Mariah more. She has her good qualities and she has a good head on her shoulders. Plus she understands it’s better to build a city up the right way than the wrong way.

Episode 4 was interesting.

We got to see his prison time. It is a bleak place. I hate it when guards are crooked (like in Suicide Squad). Why do that?

It also explains why Shades didn’t recognise him, he looks different without the ‘fro.

I connected with Squabbles/ Reggie but I knew it wouldn’t end well. As soon as they became friends I was like “Well that’s it, he’s dead”.

This episode showed that Luke’s or Carl’s strength does not just come from the outside but is something that he has always had within him. He is strong of mind, body and spirit. It just exudes from his pores. Other than him being gloriously chocolate it’s a reason why I like him.

I lost my quotes ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

But artist of the episode (3):

Charles Bradley- he’s probably my favourite one yet.

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