Hidden Gem: Pressure – Wretch 32

The 20s are hard.

At least I’m finding them hard.

Trying to make it in this world with a bad economy and just praying that I’ll make it by the time I’m 30.

So I was cruising YouTube and I was having Wretch 32 time and I stumbled upon this song Pressure. I listened to it and it felt like he was speaking to me and where I’m at right now.

Late night fighting those demons
Praying for a break
I just pray I don’t break

Like I said it’s hard, everyday I have to be positive and pray to God to beat those demons down and away from me. I pray and I pray and you know what I believe it’s working because everyday something new happens, everyday I take a step forward.

Even my mum put pressure on me
And then my son put pressure on me
Even the slum put pressure on me
But pressure makes diamonds

I know she means well and she’s trying to help but sometimes the pressure… oh the pressure, I feel it. But then the last part ‘pressure makes diamonds’… it’s not like this is the first time she’s pressured me. If she didn’t pressure me I would not have completed university, I would not have got a causal job or a camp counselor job… so really I should thank her. But I’m not a diamond yet, I’m still being molded.

We just wanna shine, we put diamonds in our pendants
Truth is, we’re just trying to find some independence

Ultimately I just want to make my way in life. I want to succeed in my independence, to make something of myself. But I acknowledge that I can’t do it without God or my parents. So I’m seeking independence but that doesn’t mean I have to do it alone. Independence isn’t about being alone, it’s about being able to look after yourself and to do you. However everyone needs help in life and every strong, independent person got help from somewhere. My help comes from God and my parents.

I’m a diamond and I’m precious, my diamond’s from the pressure

You that speech of Muhammad Ali’s? The one where he says he’s the greatest and he believes it with a passion? He really believed in himself and wasn’t afraid to express it. But then he actually went and became the greatest boxer and a great human being. Sometimes we speak it into our lives. I believe instead of saying what we can’t do or what we can’t be why not say the opposite?

Tell the world how precious we are, how we’re diamonds! How we’re worth it and how we’re going to make it!

Positive thinking goes a long way.

He talks about a lot more in his rap but those were the bits that resonated with me. I love Wretch because he’s real and he hasn’t changed since he first came out. He talks about more than superficial things and I believe rap is the best medium to be honest in, to be real in and to invoke change.

I’m glad I found this and when I have the moneys I am going to buying a whole load of Wretch 32 albums. Check out this song and many more, as well as Pressure I recommend Something.

That is all,

See ya 😀

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