A Mighty Good Man

I know bad boys are interesting and all but I’m sorry I love me a might good man.

Listening to Whatta Man by Salt N Pepa just made me think. Hmm, that’s something we should aspire to have.

If you’re looking for a man, should he not be a mighty good man? A man who takes care of you, who nurtures you, who lets you be yourself and who loves you in the good times and the bad. A man you can write a song about, or a rap about or dedicate a book to. I used to love how Meg Cabot would do that in each of her Princess Diaries books. She’d always dedicate it to Benjamin Egnatz her husband and I thought that was beautiful.

So can you say goodbye to the bad boys who only end up breaking your hearts and go for the good men, the ones who will look after your hearts. The ones who will be honest and who will treat you right.

Now don’t get me wrong, people seem to think that good men are boring and bad men are exciting. That’s not it.

A good man won’t always come to you in a suit and a bad man won’t always come to you looking street. Sometimes the tough looking guy is the good man and the bad boy is the guy in the suit. A sheep in wolf’s clothing and a wolf in sheep’s clothing if you will.

Judging by looks or mannerisms is, for me, superficial. No. Look at how he treats you and responds to you. If he knows your value and treats you as such, if he cares about you and not just about getting in your pants, if his words match his actions… look at that.

That is all,


Ps: Also more often than not your instincts are right but you end up doubting yourself and ignoring your instincts. Trust me, if your gut is trying to tell you something, if God is trying to tell you something, listen. It may be for your own good.

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