Encouraging Talents: Young Adition

At church the children’s choir was singing.

They were pretty good but my attention was drawn to the kids playing the drums and the piano.

They were so good! It was like they were professional, I didn’t even notice until half way through.

It made me think, it’s always good to encourage kids to pursue their talents (and dreams). The director of the choir doesn’t have the kids sing to an accompanying CD but to music they created! Imagine the confidence that gives them?

It shows them that they can do all things through Christ who strengthens them (hey verse drop Philippians 4: 13). It also helps them in the future when they’re applying for universities and what not.

You never know what your encouragement may bring, they may be the next Beethoven or the next Shakespeare! Imagine! The possibilities are limitless.

So I encourage you to encourage them and their talents. A few kind words don’t cost nothing.

That is all,


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