Luke Cage: Finalmente

I finally finished Luke Cage!! I know it’s late but I don’t care I’m posting something anyway.

I was doing it episode by episode but then I was like meh let me just finish the whole thing because I’m taking too long.

Okay so here are my collective thoughts on the series and the last episodes:


I really wasn’t expecting that Mariah plot twist. I mean I kind of knew that Cornell and Mariah were going to blow up at each other at one point but to kill him? When he fell out of that window he knew he’d messed up. To say she wanted it…? Come on now.

But I still didn’t expect her to kill him.

But it was a crime of passion and perhaps she’s been holding in that anger for a long time but wow. It was so sad.

They were both hurt during their childhood. Mariah by that sleeze and Cornell by Mama Mabel. Cornell was musically talented and he was not about that thug life but instead of trying to help him to succeed in a different world, to give him a legitimate life, she forced the thug life on him.

That just made me sad. I don’t care I don’t like this Mama Mabel character. She was only good to the women in the neighbourhood and the men were expendable to her.

I get it the women needed her, they did, but so did Cornell. He deserved a better life.

On the flip side Mariah was done wrong by the Sleeze who’s name I forgot. I could see it from the moment those flashbacks started *shudder*. And Mama Mabel saw it too and she protected her and sent her away from him, giving her an education. I applaud Mama Mabel for that, even though I don’t like her she did save Mariah from that man.

But it’s weird, Sleeze did wrong by Mariah but did right by Cornell and Mama Mabel did wrong by Cornell but did right by Mariah.

Why couldn’t they be good to both children?

A parent really shapes a child in the way that they will go. There’s a bible verse for that:

Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.

Proverbs 22: 6. 

I believe that wholeheartedly, especially as I get older and I see it in myself and in others.

This brings me to Diamondback. That guy was wacky, he’s the worst type of villain because he was crazy. You never know what he’s going to do. He’s also another example of a kid being wronged by their parent. I hate how Mr Lucas was so judgmental about Luke and him going to prison, not evening stopping to hear that he was framed, but then he had an affair, had a child and ignored that child and denied that child a father.

Own your mistakes dude! That kid didn’t deserve to be ignored. He had to live and see the life he could have had through Carl Lucas. But he shouldn’t have directed that anger at Carl but at his father.

He was smart too, imagine all he could have done if revenge had not driven him crazy.

I thought Domingo was smart but then he went against a crazy person… when will they learn? You don’t fight crazy!

As we’re on the villains the shadiest person ever was Shades (I didn’t even do that on purpose). He was smart and such a snake! Why did no one take him out? Or realise what a snake he was? Like forget Cornell it’s Shades!

Also why was Shades posing for his mug shot? Just take the picture you don’t need to smolder. He lowkey annoyed me.

Onto Misty. She’s a strong, independent woman who had her world flipped, turned upside down. She proved that even strong people need help. When they crumble who’s there to pick them up and put them back together again? For me it’s God but who did Misty have? I liked her character in the end. She was real, she was loyal and she was tough. She learned from her mistakes. Although I’m still mad about the last mistake. *sigh*.

Also what about Reva? Can you believe that? Was their whole relationship a lie? Okay I’m sure she loved him but their relationship was built on a lie. I really felt for Luke in that moment because he had been holding onto her like a life raft. I’m glad he’s able to move on though. Perhaps this means better chapters for him.

In the light of recent events Luke Cage highlighted some interesting issues. The relationship between the police and the black community for example. Even though he’s bullet proof he still runs, why? Because he’s black. But him being black is what gives hope to the community.

A bullet proof black man… how is that not hopeful? Their very own superhero. If only he existed in the real world.

Having watched everything I’m disappointed with the ending. I wanted Shades gone and Mariah behind bars. She’s more dangerous than Cornell ever was. She’s smart and she’s in politics. She’s capable of so much more now than she was before. She used to hate that side of the thug life, the violence etc but then she killed her cousin… what are her boundaries now? She’s scary.

Favourite Minor Characters:


He was the bomb dot com. He was always there and he was smart. Ah he was a highlight of many episodes. He goes through a lot along with Luke but he always manages to centre himself.


Okay so he wasn’t a minor character but a cameo but still. I was like OMD I know you! From the interviews you’ve done but still! That was cool.

Quotes of the episodes:

“When did people stop caring?”

“I am your brother”

“I am my brothers keeper whether I like it or not”

Artists Corner:

Method Man!

There were more but he stuck out for me. Plus he got a speaking role.

That is all,



Ps: Did anyone catch the irony when Diamondback played “Son of a Preacher Man”?

PPs: I haven’t talked about Luke or Claire much because they embodied most of the plot that I’ve talked about. Also most of the time it wasn’t about them.

PPPs: What do you think of Claire and Luke? Are they it? Are they better than Jessica and Luke? TBH I had hopes for Jessica and Luke but having watched Luke Cage I feel like he doesn’t care about her, he’s already moved on and it’s like she’s a painful memory which is to be understood.

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