Doing a Simba

So Mufasa has just died (if this is a spoiler shame on you, I’m totally judging) and Simba is in a bad place. He thinks it’s his fault (Scar) and so he runs away and escapes everything (and the hyenas kinda chased him).

He’s met Pumbaa and Timon and they teach him a life of no worries and no responsibilities. Side note: I don’t know how he got all his nutrients to survive eating just bugs, he was a growing lion! I’m surprised he wasn’t under weight.

Anyway I’ve set the scene. He’s walked across the bridge, Simba is in his 20s, he’s sort of an adult but he hasn’t mastered adulting.

Have you ever just related to Simba on a spiritual level?

Right now I would love to find my Timon and Pumbaa and just live the life of no worries. Adulting is hard and it’s going to take some strong stick to the head (get the reference) to get me out of it. I’d like to think my Rafiki is God and He’s been helping me. But yeah my life feels like it’s mirroring Simba’s.

Do you ever feel that way?

Or do you feel that way for another childhood character?

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