Not everyone is for you

I’m on a roll. Instead of leaving this in drafts for a week (or weeks… or months! I’ve done that once) I decided to write this straight away.

I’ve only learnt this lesson recently and I’m in my 20’s. I know, it was a long time coming. But to be honest, on this journey we call life we’re always learning, learning about ourselves and others. If we weren’t life would be boring.

On with the post.

I thought I was pretty jaded and, having gone to a girls school, had seen it all but this year has taught me that I haven’t. There is still a lot for me to learn. Basic lessons really.

Not all people in life are for you. Not everyone has your best interests at heart. The scary thing is it may not seem like it at first. You may think they’re your friend. They may be your friend but life or something happens and they’re not for you.

They’d rather see your downfall than your redemption.

It’s sad but it happens. Sometimes the person may be going through something and they take it out on you. Sometimes they may be jealous. Sometimes they may just not like you.

Whatever the reason there comes a point where you have to look after yourself. You have to ask yourself is the pain worth it? Is this person being a friend to me? Do I need them in my life?

If the answer to those questions is no then maybe you need to cut that person out of your life. It happens and you know what? It’s good for you.

Also it may not be forever. That person may change and learn from their mistakes. But until then you don’t owe them anything.

Friendships are important but so are you. You don’t have to stay in a friendship if it’s become toxic.

That is all,


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